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Overrated Portuguese

Obviously, at time like this the only channel MUST WATCH is Astro 805 – Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) vs. Portugal. Most people expect the Portuguese can easily wallop Ivory Coast but boohoo even without Drogba in the first team, Deco, Ronaldo, Carvalho, Ferriera and the gang still cannot score any goal. The game ended scoreless. Praise to the Ivorians for their impressive performance. The only thing that they missed is to score A GOAL, at least. Here are some stats ( about that match. I’m hoping that the North Koreans could do the same thing with the Brazilians afterwards. Some people said – cukup cukup lah tu

Ivory Coast


9(2) Shots (on Goal) 7(1)
17 Fouls 14
6 Corner Kicks 4
2 Offsides 1
45% Time of Possession 55%
2 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
1 Saves 2

Tapi tadi while waiting for the game, I was browsing my old collection of mp3s. Aik 4U2C? Yup, but that was while in sekolah menengah. It’s been a while. Sesekali best jugak. All the memories flashed back. Silly moves and pick up lines to get girls. Very very very embarrassing to think ’em back. But kids will always be kids. No joke!
Anyhow, look where is AC Mizal now? AC Di Mana? AC Di Sini! He’s so successful and even has his own show. To me he’s very talented artist. He can host a program, make you LOL, jual gelang, sing (duh!) and his wife is goddamn beautiful.

Guess people change and so do we… KAN KAN!!!
Get back to the songs collection. Wah Man Bai – Sebenarnya… I really love this song especially the guitar part!!! and the wording as well. I first heard it when a friend of mine showed this one video recorded at a Malaysian Night or somethin’ at RPI at Albany (if not mistaken). Those Malaysian students performed it. I tried to look for the video, alamak it must be in my old hard disk. So lazy to go and get it. Anyway, I managed to get this from the wonders of the internet :-
Even he now has become ‘Tun Hussein Onn‘ in 1957:Hati Malaya. Mantaplah lu Man Bai!!!
Talking about movie, remember Almost Famous? Kate Hudson? That’s in my ALL TIME FAVORITE movies. Two thumbs up. Other than hot sexy Kate, the song Tiny Dancer by Elton John really moves me. Nothing more to say but enjoy the video clip and if you are a rock n roll hunk, definitely you wanna watch it again (this movie reminds me the good old time in the States).
all credits go to Google Search, ESPN Soccernet, Youtube, and all those who have shared some of their wonderful photos thru the net which I’ve reposted here. Terima kasih

Lagenda Budak Setan 2?

Last nite went to watch the legendary Lagenda Budak Setan with my lovely wife. Seronok jugak dating dua orang je ni, cam dulu-dulu. Though some said the movie is not that BEST tapi because of Sokonglah Filem Kita spirit, we were there.

While waiting to enter the theater, I noticed a few dudes with shawls dan gedik-gedik lak tu. My bad but I just couldn’t take it. Immediately Datuk Seri AI face came across my mind. Haha but I know they ain’t his taste. Not that jambu pun budak-budak tu.

OK, let get back to the real deal here. To me, Lagenda Budak Setan is worthwhile watching. All those actors and actress played their part well, especially Lisa Surihani and Que Haidar. Que really nailed it when he got all mad, emotional and screamed ‘BODOH’. For sure that’s gonna save him another award this year. Mr. Director I salute you! Bravo! I notice that you really put your attention on all the simple and small things which make the movie move everybody in the theater. I’m not gonna spoil it for you by telling the whole lot of it, but one thing I have to say : Kenapa selepas Ayu buat face plastic surgery, kulit dia bertambah gelap sikit? Nothing personal but it makes no sense to me.

And, at the end of the movie it said “Berakhirnya Bahagian Satu”, will it be Katerina?

Lisa Surihani

My 5 big reasons for being there are :

  1. My Sayang nak Tengok (cover diri sendiri)
  2. Lisa Surihani
  3. Lisa Surihani
  4. Lisa Surihani
  5. err… Lisa Surihani?

Stop or Quit Smoking

Darn it! I never thought that one day I’ll be sharing my thoughts with strangers (oh that’s why they call it globalization). Anyhow, just started a new regime on myself : QUIT SMOKING! sigh.

Some will say, “big deal!” but they’re not the one who doing it. It’s not that hard but letting go a habit I guess it’s pretty darn hard. The craving.. the itch.. man! I’ve become almost like a zombie. Lingering around, looking to nothing.
But luckily, I have the most precious gifts from God – my little princess (2 yrs) and my little I-wanna-play-everything-Abah boy (11 mths).
While having those irritating craving, looking at them playing and rumbling make those uneasiness go away just like that. But having my own time in the jamban, aiya manyak susah woo!

That’s why I’m starting this little blog of mine. So I can divert my tots to something else. Create a new habit they say. Hopefully it’ll work.

Just out of curiosity, isn’t there a massive difference between STOP smoking & QUIT smoking?