Stop or Quit Smoking

Darn it! I never thought that one day I’ll be sharing my thoughts with strangers (oh that’s why they call it globalization). Anyhow, just started a new regime on myself : QUIT SMOKING! sigh.

Some will say, “big deal!” but they’re not the one who doing it. It’s not that hard but letting go a habit I guess it’s pretty darn hard. The craving.. the itch.. man! I’ve become almost like a zombie. Lingering around, looking to nothing.
But luckily, I have the most precious gifts from God – my little princess (2 yrs) and my little I-wanna-play-everything-Abah boy (11 mths).
While having those irritating craving, looking at them playing and rumbling make those uneasiness go away just like that. But having my own time in the jamban, aiya manyak susah woo!

That’s why I’m starting this little blog of mine. So I can divert my tots to something else. Create a new habit they say. Hopefully it’ll work.

Just out of curiosity, isn’t there a massive difference between STOP smoking & QUIT smoking?

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