Lagenda Budak Setan 2?

Last nite went to watch the legendary Lagenda Budak Setan with my lovely wife. Seronok jugak dating dua orang je ni, cam dulu-dulu. Though some said the movie is not that BEST tapi because of Sokonglah Filem Kita spirit, we were there.

While waiting to enter the theater, I noticed a few dudes with shawls dan gedik-gedik lak tu. My bad but I just couldn’t take it. Immediately Datuk Seri AI face came across my mind. Haha but I know they ain’t his taste. Not that jambu pun budak-budak tu.

OK, let get back to the real deal here. To me, Lagenda Budak Setan is worthwhile watching. All those actors and actress played their part well, especially Lisa Surihani and Que Haidar. Que really nailed it when he got all mad, emotional and screamed ‘BODOH’. For sure that’s gonna save him another award this year. Mr. Director I salute you! Bravo! I notice that you really put your attention on all the simple and small things which make the movie move everybody in the theater. I’m not gonna spoil it for you by telling the whole lot of it, but one thing I have to say : Kenapa selepas Ayu buat face plastic surgery, kulit dia bertambah gelap sikit? Nothing personal but it makes no sense to me.

And, at the end of the movie it said “Berakhirnya Bahagian Satu”, will it be Katerina?

Lisa Surihani

My 5 big reasons for being there are :

  1. My Sayang nak Tengok (cover diri sendiri)
  2. Lisa Surihani
  3. Lisa Surihani
  4. Lisa Surihani
  5. err… Lisa Surihani?
    • Eli
    • October 10th, 2011

    Am i the only one who notices that Lisa is a bad actor? She’s stiff, her face emotionless. If she’s good at anything, yeah she’s good at being gedik n play the cute face and look. That’s the only talent she’s got. In fact that’s also the reason she’s on top now. She’s over-rated. People seems fail to see that because she is PRETTY and look SWEET. I’d rather see her focus on her law carrier — she is not talented in the media industry.

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