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Come Together

So much in my mind, I don’t even know where to start. Despite of being irritated by Google which has not listed and indexed my blog yet ūüėõ I’m more disturbed by a few comments and blog posts about Mufti Perak recently. A renowned man with a lot of knowledge, inspiration, hopes and more is being targeted by those who I consider as mentally ill Muslims. Dato’ Harussani has again plead to UMNO and PAS to work together for the betterment of ummah. And again these people who are to obsessed (taksub) with their own political ideology have said nasty things about him. NUTS!

Years ago when UMNO was so well in power, he was verbally abused by them when he said his mind about anything the UMNO government did against Islamic law and practices. PAS supporters would always backed him up and said those UMNO were kafir for being such ass(es).

But now, since last general election PAS supporters have been¬†continuously¬†abusive towards the mufti. In my sane mind, I can see the big picture of why the mufti keep urging both Muslim and Malay parties (UMNO & PAS) to join hand working together. Some said it’s assabiah but to me NA’AH! Muslims working together is not assabiah. That’s an obligation by Allah. Only twisted mind would think of that. If that was the case, Rasulullah S.A.W. could be considered as assabiah as he put Muslims’ interests first other than anything else. Nauzubillah.

In reality, the Chinese are always working together despite of their political agenda. I always say this, MCA is sedara kesayangan BN and GERAKAN is sedara outspoken BN but still BN’s best friend. MCA will always give thumbs up to whatever BN’s decisions or resolutions. Not GERAKAN though, it will say something first before finally obey to BN’s decisions (remember they were opposition party till 1971). Nonetheless, DAP is the barking dog for Chinese. First MCA will propose Chinese interests to BN if turned down, GERAKAN will back it up fiercely till it’s turned down again. Finally, DAP will play it role well to paint the bad image on UMNO (usually UMNO racist). And now, DAP is not alone. It has PAS and PKR. If you ever listen to any DAP, PAS and PKR ceramah, they will never say “kerajaan zalim MCA or GERAKAN or MIC or just BN” they will always say “kerajaan zalim UMNO” repeteadly (as Goebbels :: Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda :: pointed out – if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it).

The point is, are we too dumb so we cannot see the bigger picture which now Malays are being manipulated so well that we are breaking farther apart?


Monkey Business pt. 1

While browsing the world wide web I found this video posted by MalaysiaKini. It was during DUN Bagan Pinang by-election. This particular video makes me smile in agony. Every single either national election or by-election in Malay majority area we definitely can see such act. Mana-mana pun mesti sama. If the contestant is UMNO against PAS or PKR (Melayu) contestant, potong jari, mesti gaduh. Not in Chinese or Indians majority area though. WHY?

We had a few big rallies recently in KL. Protesting about almost everything. Who were the leaders? A group of mixed races but the supporters¬†were 99% Malays. Oh, that’s why Malays are still ketinggalan despite of DEB, MARA education and business loans, government studying loans/scholarships, university quota, and what not! They don’t work hard enough to earn their living. Non-Malays are striving hard, working and sealing business deals everywhere and everyday so they can be rich and famous. Not the Malays. They are busying striving hard for equality for everyone so¬†we all can have the same opportunities and privilages that Malays have enjoyed all this while. That’s one of good qualities which Frank Swettenham has described the Malays, ‘baik hati‘. It’s true, isn’t?

People may label me as racist but that’s the fact (biasalah, kalau cakap pasal Melayu mestilah racist). Face it!

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Double Standard : Remembering Kafe¬†Do Re Mi

A short visit to Penang recently has really openned up my eyes to a few things. It has been a while for me to be in Penang. The last time was when my wife and I went to the newly launched Queensbay Mall few years back (wow that was like lama sangat dah tu). Penang has tremendously changed since.

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The brand new Hard Rock Hotel in Penang is a must visit point for me. FYI I’m a Hard Rock Cafe (HRC)¬†fan. Everywhere I go in the world if there’s a HRC, definitely I’ll drop by. HRC shot glass collector myself is. I got tonnes of those glasses, in fact I’ve to put them in boxes since no more place for me to display them. The best part of HRC is its live-performance-cafe. A true rock n roll music. It’s not a pub but a small RnR hall of fame where people can¬†bang their heads¬†while enjoying¬†good food¬†(seems a tough job though).

Another thing is, everything in Penang now is more in English than bahasa kebangsaan. In fact, at the back of Rapid Penang buses there is a sign saying “Please give way to buses“. DUH! I wonder if none of Penangnites who are the majority of road users can understand bahasa Melayu. Thought bahasa jiwa bangsa? No wonder every single place, residential in Penang now is using mat saleh name instead of Melayu. The state government seems really enjoying doing this. I once read in the bahasa act (I don’t really remember the code and the actual name of the act, google it) it’s the responsibility of the local government (answerable to state government) to enforce the use and misuse of bahasa kebangsaan in its area. Well, bravo to both state and local¬†governments for the job well done!

Rapid PenangAlthough there are a lot more to list down of Penang achivements, I just wanna highlight an unjust and double standard approach of state government to its people. Remember Kafe Do Re Mi, a famous kafe in Tanjung Bungah that had served thousands of locals and visitors. It was torn down by the state government last Mei to give way to new projects. But their reasons for tearing down that sentimental kafe were it was unsafe and obstructing traffic. I just can’t see why it was unsafe since it had been standing more than eight years already. Obstructing traffic? Just take a left turn from the ferry jetty if you arrive in Penang thru its famous ferry service. You can see more than 10 old shop houses which have been obstructing traffic for more than 20 years. Even lamp posts and electricity cable posts are literally in side their shops. So one can always (or should ) ask, where is the street reserve? Nobody care and nobody say anything. Why? Is it because one can find bakuteh there?

The only thing that has never changed is the road users attitude.¬†¬†It’s easier to say that I prefer driving in KL thru massive traffic jams then driving in Penang during lunch time. Man, their recklessness, attitude and impatience really get on my nerves (no heart feeling Penangnites ūüôā ). Nevertheless, I’d my time at HRC Penang. Long Live Rock n Roll!

Laporan MAGERAN : Tragedi 13 Mei

Now it’s online. For anyone who interested with May 13th Incident (Tragedi 13 Mei 1969), I have the pdf files from my previous undone blog. Feel free to download them. Just RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS. One more time, RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS (itu kalau guna IE la).

Laporan MAGERAN : Tragedi 13 Mei

Laporan MAGERAN : Tragedi 13 Mei

Ookay, basically the report established the reasons why did the incident happened in the first place. Apparently a few political parties namely DAP and GERAKAN (GERAKAN was not part of PERIKATAN until 1971 – BN) got too excited over winning more Parliament Constituencies in the 1969 General Election compared to previous election especially in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

The same thing happened in the last General Election (2008) in Perak when DAP thought they would assumed Mentri Besar post in Perak after DAP, PKR and PAS won more State seats than BN. What they did was cordoning Istana Iskandariah to pressure the Sultan to elect a new Mentri Besar from DAP ADUNs. Though the State Constitution states only Malay and Muslim can be chosen as Perak Mentri Besar.

Most of the supporters were non-Malays went around the national capital staging racist remarks towards the Malays such as “Melayu balik kampung”, “B*&$h Melayu” and so what not.

At that time rumors¬†spread so quickly though there was no text messaging technology yet. The Malays thought the Chinese were coming after them to finish them off and vice-versa. Some Malays gathered in front of Selangor Mentri Besar residence (it was at Kg. Baru, KL) to ask him to lead the mob in avenging the Chinese. Nonetheless, Dato’ Harun (Mentri Besar) had reacted responsibly by asking them to return to their homes and do not do anything as those were malicious rumors.

Giving the fact that I’m posting those files, it’s better for you to read them for yourself. Hopefully what happened in 1969 won’t ever happen again in the future. Apa yang berlaku jadikan sempadan. Semoga Malaysia akan terus maju, aman, selamat dan makmur untuk kita semua. Amin!

AGAIN please RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS these links. Happy reading!

Tragedi 13 Mei Bhg. 1 (file 1)

Tragedi 13 Mei Bhg. 2 (file 2)

Tragedi 13 Mei Bhg. 3 (file 3)

Tragedi 13 Mei Bhg. 4 (file 4)

Confusion – PKR MP

This week Suara Keadilan will still be printed out though Home Ministry has discontinued their printing permit. Unsurprisingly, Tian Chua, PKR Chief Strategic, has manipulated strategically that the tabloid is still legal to be on sale since the ministry has never produced any black and white statement to suspend its printing, just verbal order.

How he could make such statement as if everyone can print his or her newspapers and sell it to the public without any permit. Then why the hell we need such act anyway?

People can argue and debate this and that about Printing and Press Act but the fact is PR MPs has never made any move in the Parliament to abolish that act.

The law is the law. Everyone has to respect it. If not might as well we don’t need all those MPs in the Parliament since they are the one who approve every single law in the land. Cakap pandai tapi tak pandai nak ikut apa yang dicakap.

I just put the matter as simple as this :-

You owned an apartment. These two married couple, A & B, were your legal tennants (read as having a legal agreement between both parties). The agreement stated that they had one year tenure. By the end of the tenure, you told them that you needed them to leave since you gonna live in that apartment. Unfortunately, they refused (unsurprisingly). They said you needed to provide a black and white notice before they could leave. Duhh~ Clearly in the agreement it stated that after the tenure you could just ask tenants to leave without any prior notice but they were the one who needed to ask for a new tenure.

What would you DO? What would you SAY? What would you FEEL?

People want to see some changes in the Parliament. So they put you in. But at the end of the day, kau pulak yang langgar undang-undang. Irony


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Shooting Spree

Last Sunday, my office held a shooting tournament. Memandangkan ia satu peluang keemasan untuk memegang senjata, aku tak lepaskan peluang tersebut untuk turut serta mengambil bahagian. Actually, it was the second time I had the chance to use such weapon. The first one was four years ago.

The pistol that used in the little tourney was 9mm Beretta.
Bila balik rumah, aku cuba google some info pasal pistol ni. Rupa-rupa jenis yang aku pakai tu ada macam-macam siri. Seems too obvious that I don’t have any clue about firearms (duh?!) So, after browsing through this one website about guns and pistols, I concluded the one that I used was 9mm Beretta 90 two (2006) made in Italy. This little devil was a bit lighter that I’d used before.

I was a bit impressed with myself (self pat on the back :D) as all given 20 bullets I managed to struck on the target. The best part was, those 20 bangs were the first time after four years. Last time, I just hit 2  into the target out of 10. LOL.

aim and pop it

ps : as I finished pressing this post, the Dutch has sealed the final spot of World Cup 2010. Congrats!!! Hope this year will be yours. The Netherlands 3-2 Uruguay

Gio van Bronckhorst goal v Uruguay
Scoring Summary
Uruguay Netherlands
Diego Forl√°n (41′) Giovanni Van Bronckhorst(18′)
Maxi Pereira (90′) Wesley Sneijder (70′)
Arjen Robben (73′)
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Beyond Frustration

will I finally get to kiss the Cup?

When your team lost to an¬†easy team with FOUR goals, it’s not a good story to tell. Obviously, how can you go to work on Monday when you already know that everybody gonna mock you up. Damn it Argentines! This year supposed to be your year but you just did it.

The attacking was good (not BEST since no goal at all). But they did the same mistake that England did when face Germany. Unorganized Defense!!! It was too obviously. Duh?! Germany is a simple¬†tactical and very disciplined team. The exact tactics and plays though. You can see in every single game they play the same tactics and the same moves. Can’t you even anticipate that? Don’t you have the so called opponent-video-reviewing session? Halamak frustnye

Most probably Argentines’ attackers are so skilled, they played almost the similar way as Brazilians did in 2006. Sigh. Everybody knows that it won’t work (my heart is still pumping hard – sakit hati). They had a few good chances but just couldn’t seal the deal. Tapi itulah kepakaran Jerman, selesaikan setiap peluang yang ada. If I’m not mistaken, they just missed two open shots, one was Klose and the other one ermm… hah who cares!

Well, Germany still has to deal with the Spaniards though deep in my heart¬†I know that they can manage it, easily (damn it). So the only hope is now on Belanda. Harap-harap kali ni depa akan dapat juga cium World Cup tu. If the Oranje wins the title, I’ll wear an orange shirt to work the day after. A bright one!

my only hope