Shooting Spree

Last Sunday, my office held a shooting tournament. Memandangkan ia satu peluang keemasan untuk memegang senjata, aku tak lepaskan peluang tersebut untuk turut serta mengambil bahagian. Actually, it was the second time I had the chance to use such weapon. The first one was four years ago.

The pistol that used in the little tourney was 9mm Beretta.
Bila balik rumah, aku cuba google some info pasal pistol ni. Rupa-rupa jenis yang aku pakai tu ada macam-macam siri. Seems too obvious that I don’t have any clue about firearms (duh?!) So, after browsing through this one website about guns and pistols, I concluded the one that I used was 9mm Beretta 90 two (2006) made in Italy. This little devil was a bit lighter that I’d used before.

I was a bit impressed with myself (self pat on the back :D) as all given 20 bullets I managed to struck on the target. The best part was, those 20 bangs were the first time after four years. Last time, I just hit 2  into the target out of 10. LOL.

aim and pop it

ps : as I finished pressing this post, the Dutch has sealed the final spot of World Cup 2010. Congrats!!! Hope this year will be yours. The Netherlands 3-2 Uruguay

Gio van Bronckhorst goal v Uruguay
Scoring Summary
Uruguay Netherlands
Diego Forlán (41′) Giovanni Van Bronckhorst(18′)
Maxi Pereira (90′) Wesley Sneijder (70′)
Arjen Robben (73′)
credits  image and stats to

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