Confusion – PKR MP

This week Suara Keadilan will still be printed out though Home Ministry has discontinued their printing permit. Unsurprisingly, Tian Chua, PKR Chief Strategic, has manipulated strategically that the tabloid is still legal to be on sale since the ministry has never produced any black and white statement to suspend its printing, just verbal order.

How he could make such statement as if everyone can print his or her newspapers and sell it to the public without any permit. Then why the hell we need such act anyway?

People can argue and debate this and that about Printing and Press Act but the fact is PR MPs has never made any move in the Parliament to abolish that act.

The law is the law. Everyone has to respect it. If not might as well we don’t need all those MPs in the Parliament since they are the one who approve every single law in the land. Cakap pandai tapi tak pandai nak ikut apa yang dicakap.

I just put the matter as simple as this :-

You owned an apartment. These two married couple, A & B, were your legal tennants (read as having a legal agreement between both parties). The agreement stated that they had one year tenure. By the end of the tenure, you told them that you needed them to leave since you gonna live in that apartment. Unfortunately, they refused (unsurprisingly). They said you needed to provide a black and white notice before they could leave. Duhh~ Clearly in the agreement it stated that after the tenure you could just ask tenants to leave without any prior notice but they were the one who needed to ask for a new tenure.

What would you DO? What would you SAY? What would you FEEL?

People want to see some changes in the Parliament. So they put you in. But at the end of the day, kau pulak yang langgar undang-undang. Irony


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  1. Tulisan yang baik dan pengajaran yang bermakna 🙂

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