Laporan MAGERAN : Tragedi 13 Mei

Now it’s online. For anyone who interested with May 13th Incident (Tragedi 13 Mei 1969), I have the pdf files from my previous undone blog. Feel free to download them. Just RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS. One more time, RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS (itu kalau guna IE la).

Laporan MAGERAN : Tragedi 13 Mei

Laporan MAGERAN : Tragedi 13 Mei

Ookay, basically the report established the reasons why did the incident happened in the first place. Apparently a few political parties namely DAP and GERAKAN (GERAKAN was not part of PERIKATAN until 1971 – BN) got too excited over winning more Parliament Constituencies in the 1969 General Election compared to previous election especially in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

The same thing happened in the last General Election (2008) in Perak when DAP thought they would assumed Mentri Besar post in Perak after DAP, PKR and PAS won more State seats than BN. What they did was cordoning Istana Iskandariah to pressure the Sultan to elect a new Mentri Besar from DAP ADUNs. Though the State Constitution states only Malay and Muslim can be chosen as Perak Mentri Besar.

Most of the supporters were non-Malays went around the national capital staging racist remarks towards the Malays such as “Melayu balik kampung”, “B*&$h Melayu” and so what not.

At that time rumors spread so quickly though there was no text messaging technology yet. The Malays thought the Chinese were coming after them to finish them off and vice-versa. Some Malays gathered in front of Selangor Mentri Besar residence (it was at Kg. Baru, KL) to ask him to lead the mob in avenging the Chinese. Nonetheless, Dato’ Harun (Mentri Besar) had reacted responsibly by asking them to return to their homes and do not do anything as those were malicious rumors.

Giving the fact that I’m posting those files, it’s better for you to read them for yourself. Hopefully what happened in 1969 won’t ever happen again in the future. Apa yang berlaku jadikan sempadan. Semoga Malaysia akan terus maju, aman, selamat dan makmur untuk kita semua. Amin!

AGAIN please RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS these links. Happy reading!

Tragedi 13 Mei Bhg. 1 (file 1)

Tragedi 13 Mei Bhg. 2 (file 2)

Tragedi 13 Mei Bhg. 3 (file 3)

Tragedi 13 Mei Bhg. 4 (file 4)

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