Monkey Business pt. 1

While browsing the world wide web I found this video posted by MalaysiaKini. It was during DUN Bagan Pinang by-election. This particular video makes me smile in agony. Every single either national election or by-election in Malay majority area we definitely can see such act. Mana-mana pun mesti sama. If the contestant is UMNO against PAS or PKR (Melayu) contestant, potong jari, mesti gaduh. Not in Chinese or Indians majority area though. WHY?

We had a few big rallies recently in KL. Protesting about almost everything. Who were the leaders? A group of mixed races but the supporters were 99% Malays. Oh, that’s why Malays are still ketinggalan despite of DEB, MARA education and business loans, government studying loans/scholarships, university quota, and what not! They don’t work hard enough to earn their living. Non-Malays are striving hard, working and sealing business deals everywhere and everyday so they can be rich and famous. Not the Malays. They are busying striving hard for equality for everyone so we all can have the same opportunities and privilages that Malays have enjoyed all this while. That’s one of good qualities which Frank Swettenham has described the Malays, ‘baik hati‘. It’s true, isn’t?

People may label me as racist but that’s the fact (biasalah, kalau cakap pasal Melayu mestilah racist). Face it!

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