Come Together

So much in my mind, I don’t even know where to start. Despite of being irritated by Google which has not listed and indexed my blog yet 😛 I’m more disturbed by a few comments and blog posts about Mufti Perak recently. A renowned man with a lot of knowledge, inspiration, hopes and more is being targeted by those who I consider as mentally ill Muslims. Dato’ Harussani has again plead to UMNO and PAS to work together for the betterment of ummah. And again these people who are to obsessed (taksub) with their own political ideology have said nasty things about him. NUTS!

Years ago when UMNO was so well in power, he was verbally abused by them when he said his mind about anything the UMNO government did against Islamic law and practices. PAS supporters would always backed him up and said those UMNO were kafir for being such ass(es).

But now, since last general election PAS supporters have been continuously abusive towards the mufti. In my sane mind, I can see the big picture of why the mufti keep urging both Muslim and Malay parties (UMNO & PAS) to join hand working together. Some said it’s assabiah but to me NA’AH! Muslims working together is not assabiah. That’s an obligation by Allah. Only twisted mind would think of that. If that was the case, Rasulullah S.A.W. could be considered as assabiah as he put Muslims’ interests first other than anything else. Nauzubillah.

In reality, the Chinese are always working together despite of their political agenda. I always say this, MCA is sedara kesayangan BN and GERAKAN is sedara outspoken BN but still BN’s best friend. MCA will always give thumbs up to whatever BN’s decisions or resolutions. Not GERAKAN though, it will say something first before finally obey to BN’s decisions (remember they were opposition party till 1971). Nonetheless, DAP is the barking dog for Chinese. First MCA will propose Chinese interests to BN if turned down, GERAKAN will back it up fiercely till it’s turned down again. Finally, DAP will play it role well to paint the bad image on UMNO (usually UMNO racist). And now, DAP is not alone. It has PAS and PKR. If you ever listen to any DAP, PAS and PKR ceramah, they will never say “kerajaan zalim MCA or GERAKAN or MIC or just BN” they will always say “kerajaan zalim UMNO” repeteadly (as Goebbels :: Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda :: pointed out – if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it).

The point is, are we too dumb so we cannot see the bigger picture which now Malays are being manipulated so well that we are breaking farther apart?

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