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Selamat Hari Kermedekaan ke 53 Malaysia

Selamat menyambut ulang tahun kemerdekaan ke 53 Malaysia. Semoga negara ini akan terus dilimpah dengan

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kemakmuran, kesejahteraan dan kekayaan yang melimpah-ruah untuk setiap rakyatnya yang berbilang kaum dan agama.

Harap-harap tahun ini tidak timbul lagi suara-suara yang mengatakan “kami di Sabah dan Sarawak baru 47 tahun merdeka sebab kita menubuhkan Malaysia pada 1963”.

Sebabnya, kalau ikut sejarah Amerika Syarikat, Fourth of July (1776) hanya memerdekakan 13 koloni asal Amerika dari genggaman England. Beberapa tahun kemudian sehinggalah 1959 (Hawaii) barulah negara Amerika Syarikat itu lengkap 51 negeri-negerinya termasuk Washington DC. Tetapi kesemua negeri tetap menyambut Fourth of July sebagai hari merdeka.

Anyhow, selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke 53 Malaysia.


Indonesian Government Should Apologize

When seven Malaysian fishermen were ‘abducted’ from Malaysia own territorial water by Indonesian officials, dozens of Indonesians staged what-I-call dumb and unreasonable demonstrations in front of Embassy of Malaysia at Jakarta, TWICE! They even threw human crap into the Embassy yard (they were holding five bags of crap but only one was thrown). Funny wasn’t it? Some Indonesians were so mad and angry with Malaysia they even brought somebody’s crap everywhere. LOL

*The August 13th incident was not the first. There were a few and mostly happened during Ramadhan especially when Eidilfitri was closing by, told a few anonymous fishermen. Why? To get some cash for that festive holidays. And most of those ‘inspections’ or ‘raids’ were done on Malaysia territorial water. Was it true? People can say a lot of things. Even some said you (Malaysians) have to bring some extra cash when you’re either arriving at or departing from Indonesian airports if you don’t want to be unnecessarily delayed by custom or immigration officers. People can say a lot of things though (Malay idiom –  kalau tak ada angin masakan pokok bergoyang – direct translation : if there’s no wind how come the tree is moving).

Anyway, from what I heard (unofficial story) :

On that hapless August 13th day, while those Malaysian were fishing along came the Indonesian maritime enforcement agency to their boat claiming that they were now in Indonesia territorial water. Because of that offense, they had to be detained. While seven of the fishermen were brought onto the Indonesian boat, Malaysian Marine Police had been informed of that incident and they were ‘that quick’ to arrive on the scene. So, from this info I’m guessing that the Malaysian fishing boat was not that far from Malaysia shoreline since the Marine is only guarding Malaysia water closer to the shoreline. Only Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency and the Navy are supposed to patrol far up to the international border.

Anyhow, three of the Indonesian enforcers were still on board of the Malaysian boat when the Indonesian maritime enforcement boat fled away after noticing the Malaysian marine was closing in. One of the Indonesian officers even already took off his uniform when the Malaysian police found them hiding inside the Malaysian fishing boat. Again, funny! They took away seven Malaysians and they left behind three of their colleagues on board of the Malaysian boat. Why were they so ‘afraid’ of the Malaysian Marine Police, if their claim was true that they were now inside the Indonesian water??? The Malaysian police doesn’t have any jurisdiction inside their water!

Three of those Indonesian officers were brought back to Malaysia local police station. Then blah blah blah… after some diplomatic moves, the seven Malaysians were released from any charges and brought home safely to Malaysia, and so did the three Indonesian stooges. The issue (was not yet a crisis until recently) was solved pragmatically by the two governments based on our brotherhood spirit (semangat serumpun). That’s how Malaysia and Indonesia do things when it comes to bilateral issues.

End of what I heard (again, from an unofficial story).

The issue was not that big until recently some paid mobs attacked the Embassy of Malaysia to Jakarta led by Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat or BENDERA (FYI these guys have so much money they even printed a lot of Malaysian flags just to be stepped on, and they even have their own new uniform). From my calculation, BENDERA took that so long of time before they went protesting in front of the embassy (August 13th till the 16th) because they need to buy some time to order a bunch of Malaysian flags and to tailor new uniforms for their 25 protesters.

These mobs had crossed the line when they climbed on the embassy wall. Basically, an embassy area is an another country’s land. That means they had once again illegally trespassed Malaysian border just like thousands of their brothers living as illegal immigrants in Malaysia. Nonetheless, the government of Indonesia did play their role to dismiss the mobs even though to me was done in shamely manner.

Despite of everything being done by the two governments, BENDERA staged another protest on August 24th and threw human crap into the embassy compound. What a mature thing to do! Taking somebody’s crap everywhere! Even the politicians, specifically the Golkar, in the Parliament questioned the government approach in handling the delicate matter. They said the government of Indonesia has no guts when facing with the mighty Malaysia. What do they want the government to do? Wage a war on Malaysia?

Nonetheless, I find that this small issue has been manipulated so smoothly by a third party which is not from either Indonesia or Malaysia. It’s from another country that does not want the relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia becoming to close. If the tie is too close likes peas and carrots (quoting Forrest Gump) then it’ll trouble for the country to effectively exist in the region of Muslims and Malays archipelago. That means all business opportunities in Indonesia will be easier for Malaysians to grab.

I guess that’s why Malaysian opposition leaders namely from DAP and PKR until now have not made any statement in regards with the issue. They also have interests and strategic ties with ‘that’ country’s leaders. So, they’re they taking a stance : just let the government of the day deal with it (we are not in power yet so you do it, we are almost Malaysians till the day we are in power).

So much for the afterglow.

*this information is from hear saying only, not from any official sources – just some food for thought

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Good Start : Man Utd Charity Shield 2010 Winner

The score is 3-1, Manchester United overwhelmed Chelsea at Wembley to win themselves the Charity Shield 2010 title.

Javier Hernandez kicked and subsequently 'faced' the ball to make the score 2-0

Wayne Rooney despite sluggish performance in South Africa provided a classy cross for Antonio Valencia (41′) to send it home. They didn’t stop there. A brilliant lob over sleeping Cole had made room for Valencia to create an impressive cross beyond Hilario’s reach to make Javier Hernandez (76′) the second goal scorer.

Chelsea fought through the fiery United and got themselves a consolation goal as Salomon Kalou (83′) made the score 2-1.

The game is not over until the final whistle is blown. Dimitar Berbatov (90′) knew that and his excellent lob (I guess the best goal of the game) from 20-yard line passed over Hilario’s head had sealed the deal.

Victorious Man Utd marched to the podium to collect their 18th Charity Shield, witnessed by 84,623 crowds at Wembley to kick start a promising 2010/11 season.

Glory Glory Glory Man United!!!

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Nasib usahawan Melayu pinggir bandar dan bandar

Food for thought : The reality of Malay dilemma. Some Malays are so hardworking more than the Chinese (as some people said) to get a taste of life. To become rich and famous. But the reality is…

I got this article from here. I wish those Malays who are just wanna get rich thru Ali Baba would stop their immoral practices. Let those who really want to do business rightfully get the opportunities. Jangan tekan bangsa sendiri.

One more thing, Perbadanan Putrajaya – please lower your shop lot rentals as they are too foolishly high. Putrajaya is supposed to be an Islamic City Model where people can live happily including happy with their cost of living. Since the rentals are too damn high, the population, who are Muslims-majority, have to pay more compare to people who are living in Bangi and Kajang. Why? The root cause is Perbadanan Putrajaya high imposed rentals! Do something about it!

Nasib usahawan Melayu pinggir bandar dan bandar

SEORANG usahawan kecil gigih membina nama. Bermula dengan merangkak kemudian bangun bertatih perlahan merempuh segala onak dan duri dalam dunia perniagaan. Dia menyewa sebuah lot kedai di pinggir bandar. Lot kedai itu milik bumiputera. Kadar sewa yang dikenakan agak mahal tetapi usahawan itu berhati waja, menerima apa yang ditetapkan lantaran minat untuk berniaga ketika itu sedang meluap-luap.

Ketika hendak memulakan perniagaan, dia bersama adik-beradiknya mengecat lot kedai yang boleh saja disamakan dengan stor buruk. Maklumlah tempat itu sememangnya digunakan untuk menyimpan barangan si kontraktor yang memiliki kedai tersebut.

Sejak itu, dia memulakan perniagaan, membuka bakeri menjual kek, roti serta biskut hasil tangannya sendiri. Selang beberapa lot kedainya, ada satu lagi bakeri milik bukan bumiputera yang mempamerkan tanda halal tanpa diketahui halal tulen atau halal palsu.

Persaingan yang terpaksa ditempuh sememangnya sengit. Tetapi dia tidak mudah berputus-asa. Usahawan itu melebarkan langkahnya mencari pasaran di luar kawasan selain mempelbagaikan cabang perniagaannya.

Daripada bertatih, kini dia boleh berjalan dalam keadaan stabil. Biar pun belum berani berlari, keyakinan yang terbina hasil penat jerih selama lebih 12 tahun membuka matanya tentang erti dunia perniagaan. Dia Melayu. Melayu yang dikatakan mudah mendapat segalanya. Melayu yang dikatakan ada Mara, ada Jabatan Pertanian ada bank, ada diskaun – pendek kata kalau sebut Melayu, macam-macam ada.


Tetapi Melayu pemilik lot kedai yang disewanya bukan seperti Melayu yang didefinisikan sebagai Melayu. Pemilik kedai itu tersungkur lantaran pelbagai masalah termasuk tidak tahan kerenah birokrasi bank. Lantas dia rebah terpaksa menjual lot kedai itu kepada bukan Melayu.

Memang sukar dan menyakitkan tetapi dia tidak ada pilihan. Rantaian kesannya adalah kepada usahawan yang menyewa lot kedai tersebut. Pemilik baru mahu menaikan sewa pada tahap tidak masuk akal jika dibandingkan kawasan tersebut. Lot yang disewanya menjadi lot termahal berbanding lot-lot lain. Pemilik baru itu memberi alasan, kedai tersebut cantik. Di mana logiknya? Yang mengecat, yang memasang jubin pada lantai, yang menghias kedai, yang melengkapkan pendawaian elektrik dan pendingin hawa adalah usahawan tersebut.

Pemilik lama apatah lagi pemilik baru tidak mengeluarkan sesen pun untuk membuat semua itu. Tetapi yang terpaksa menanggung kenaikan sewa adalah orang yang mengeluarkan ringgit dan sen iaitu usahawan bumiputera Melayu yang dikatakan memiliki pelbagai keistimewaan.

Itu cerita usahawan di pinggir bandar yang masih memanjat tangga demi tangga untuk mencari jawapan adakah Melayu itu amat istimewa seperti mana yang digembar-gemburkan atau hanya satu peratus sahaja Melayu yang benar-benar menepati kriteria istimewa itu sendiri. Jawapan masih belum ditemui.

Di Suria KLCC – mercu tanda bandar raya Kuala Lumpur – kita tentu tidak lupa kisah Kelantan Delights. Betapa mualaf yang pada pandangan umum adalah Melayu tidak mampu menyahut cabaran kenaikan kadar sewa yang mencecah hampir RM45,000. Tiada keistimewaan sebaliknya dia diberi kata dua – ambil atau tinggalkan.

Dia tidak ada pilihan sebenarnya di situ, lantas dia menarik diri di celah-celah puluhan nama asing yang megah membina papan tanda nama di kompleks beli-belah tersohor itu. Nama Melayu ada di situ tetapi tidak sampai berapa kerat, itu pun tidak diketahui berapa lama boleh bertahan.

Yang terbaru usahawan di Alamanda – kompleks beli-belah di pusat pentadbiran kerajaan Persekutuan iaitu Putrajaya. Pengurusan Alamanda bersemenda dengan Suria KLCC, begitu juga dengan nasib usahawan di situ. Maka apa yang terjadi baru-baru ini boleh saja disimpulkan sebagai kesinambungan nasib usahawan Melayu/bumiputera baik di pinggir bandar mahu pun di bandar.

Usahawan-usahawan ini masih mencari makna sebenar menjadi Melayu atau bumiputera, lantaran baik premis nun di Rawang mahu pun di tengah bandar raya atau di pusat pentadbiran persekutuan, pemiliknya atau pengurusannya terdiri daripada bukan Melayu.

Melayu hanya menjadi usahawan yang menumpang lot kedai. Melayu hanya pengusaha makanan tradisional yang mencuba nasib di ruang niaga Suria KLCC. Melayu yang cuba berdiri sama tinggi dan duduk sama rendah dengan bukan Melayu di Alamanda.

Itulah Melayu.

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DIY : Customized Savvy TDC Sensor

I’m now at RS Auto, Puchong, servicing my dear Savvy. I guess most Savvy’s owners have heard about this workshop. It’s famous for solving Savvy’s little (a pain in the ass though) problem – TDC or speed sensor. I managed to change my TDC sensor here after a bit of googling.

If many have not known, Savvy has this simple problem with its TDC sensor connector. After a while it got loose. As the result, it’d be difficulted to start the engine, usually in the morning. Even sometimes, when the engine is idling in the middle of traffic jam, the engine just suddenly stops dead, and worse you cannot start it after a few times. However, the sensor itself is still A-OK. No need to be replaced or anything. What it needs is just a bit of altering the connector. You yourself can do it by your own.

5 Easy Steps To Alter Your Savvy TDC Sensor (Caution! Do it at your own risk)

  1. Just unscrew the TDC sensor
  2. Disconnect from main cable
  3. Cut the connector off from the main cable (your might want to observe which cable connects to which pin of the connector)
  4. Solder a new pair of wire about 3″ to the TDC pins/legs
  5. Rejoin those wires to the main cable accordingly

Walla! Now your Savvy is ready roll without anymore pain to start.

TDC Sensor

pics credit to this site


If you feel that you’re not that pro enough to DoItYourself and if you’re somewhere in Klang Valley area, might as well you drive to RS Auto in Puchong to get that little bugger replace for just RM30. They’ll take your TDC sensor and install an altered/customized one to your car. The one that they put into your car is not a non-ori unit. That’s why they take in your sensor so that they can customize it and resell it later.

I did mine there a month ago. The mechanic explained to me how they alter it. Anyway, I am not responsible if your Savvy blow off or something when you try this :). It’s just for the sake of sharing.

Well these are some info on how to get to RS Auto Service Centre Sdn. Bhd. (RS Auto should gimme discounted service price for promoting their workshop)

Address : No. 28, Jalan Industri PBP 4, Taman Industri, Pusat Bandar Puchong

Phone : 03-5891 7398 / 012-297 5226 (Open Mon-Sat 9am – 6pm)

GPS Coordinate : N 03° 0.656’ E 101° 37.007’

RS Auto Service Center

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More Lame Excuses to Get Rid of Bumiputras’ Privileges

Malaysians have progressed prosperously since its independence in 1957. A lot of colonial officers and British Members of Parliament at that time thought it would crumble to the ground in 15 years just because of our rich and diverse cultures, ethnicities and religions. They thought that we could never compromise with each other. Their prediction was almost true when dark cloud covered Kuala Lumpur on May 13th 1969.

That worst nightmare is now only left in memories and old history books. Most young Malaysians don’t even know what happened and what caused the rioting. I guess Tun Mahathir is wrong when he said Melayu mudah lupa or is he not?

Reading today’s column in Mingguan Malaysia – Alasan Ke Arah Kesamarataan makes me wonder why the hell certain quarters of Malaysians especially politicians still keep giving lame excuses to deny Bumiputras legal rights subtly. Why can’t just they think about other things that could improve our livelihood in total. I mean what every Malaysian wants. It’s more important for the elected reps to argue with local municipal councils or state departments or keratan akhbar tragedi 13 meieven with federal departments of why there are a lot of pot holes in the roads in their constituencies, why public transportations are not well effective even in KL or Baling, or why in reality there are still a lot of poor citizens in Penang even though after Lim Guan Eng announced Penang is a zero poverty state in March 2009? Even better if all politicians could urge developers and local municipal councils to more well plan their residential projects so to be well equipped with public facilities and recreational areas (not just a mere 20′ x 20′ playground area for the whole residential area of 250 houses). That would make Malaysia a better place isn’t it? Politicians in Boston manage to do that!

7% discount for Bumis in buying houses all these while has never make any towkay poor. They still own their fat


wallets, humongous villas, phat rides, pretty and slim lovers and everything else that we middle class citizens don’t. Quoting Tony Pua, by giving 7% discount to Bumis it will slow down investments in Selangor. That’s a TOTAL BULLCRAP! Selangor is a Negeri Maju and before they manage to get that status, all PKNS projects, at least, were giving 7% discount to Bumi buyers. And still Selangor is a Negeri Maju? Why all of sudden Tony gave such crap that discounted price for Bumis would make less investors come to Selangor? Who are those lousy investors? Are they coming from Singapore? Are they his friends who wanna make more profit than they ever have?

Malaysia is unique. We are different from Singapore, Indonesia, the US and even Saudi Arabia. We are blessed with vast of different ethnicities, cultures and religions. Because of that differences we have learnt to share, give and take. These qualities are the main thrusts that have made our beloved country progresses prosperously. In order to keep progressing we have to keep sharing.

7% is nothing. It won’t get anybody poorer but it will get a lot of people the chance to own houses. Even with that 7% discount, there are still a lot of Orang Asli(s) who marched to Putrajaya recently, gathered by Tony Pua’s cronies, won’t get the chance to buy better houses just because of the prices in Selangor are too ridiculously skyrocket.

So, why the government of Selangor keep proposing such stupid equality policy while we still need to practice more equitable policy in the country?