More Lame Excuses to Get Rid of Bumiputras’ Privileges

Malaysians have progressed prosperously since its independence in 1957. A lot of colonial officers and British Members of Parliament at that time thought it would crumble to the ground in 15 years just because of our rich and diverse cultures, ethnicities and religions. They thought that we could never compromise with each other. Their prediction was almost true when dark cloud covered Kuala Lumpur on May 13th 1969.

That worst nightmare is now only left in memories and old history books. Most young Malaysians don’t even know what happened and what caused the rioting. I guess Tun Mahathir is wrong when he said Melayu mudah lupa or is he not?

Reading today’s column in Mingguan Malaysia – Alasan Ke Arah Kesamarataan makes me wonder why the hell certain quarters of Malaysians especially politicians still keep giving lame excuses to deny Bumiputras legal rights subtly. Why can’t just they think about other things that could improve our livelihood in total. I mean what every Malaysian wants. It’s more important for the elected reps to argue with local municipal councils or state departments or keratan akhbar tragedi 13 meieven with federal departments of why there are a lot of pot holes in the roads in their constituencies, why public transportations are not well effective even in KL or Baling, or why in reality there are still a lot of poor citizens in Penang even though after Lim Guan Eng announced Penang is a zero poverty state in March 2009? Even better if all politicians could urge developers and local municipal councils to more well plan their residential projects so to be well equipped with public facilities and recreational areas (not just a mere 20′ x 20′ playground area for the whole residential area of 250 houses). That would make Malaysia a better place isn’t it? Politicians in Boston manage to do that!

7% discount for Bumis in buying houses all these while has never make any towkay poor. They still own their fat


wallets, humongous villas, phat rides, pretty and slim lovers and everything else that we middle class citizens don’t. Quoting Tony Pua, by giving 7% discount to Bumis it will slow down investments in Selangor. That’s a TOTAL BULLCRAP! Selangor is a Negeri Maju and before they manage to get that status, all PKNS projects, at least, were giving 7% discount to Bumi buyers. And still Selangor is a Negeri Maju? Why all of sudden Tony gave such crap that discounted price for Bumis would make less investors come to Selangor? Who are those lousy investors? Are they coming from Singapore? Are they his friends who wanna make more profit than they ever have?

Malaysia is unique. We are different from Singapore, Indonesia, the US and even Saudi Arabia. We are blessed with vast of different ethnicities, cultures and religions. Because of that differences we have learnt to share, give and take. These qualities are the main thrusts that have made our beloved country progresses prosperously. In order to keep progressing we have to keep sharing.

7% is nothing. It won’t get anybody poorer but it will get a lot of people the chance to own houses. Even with that 7% discount, there are still a lot of Orang Asli(s) who marched to Putrajaya recently, gathered by Tony Pua’s cronies, won’t get the chance to buy better houses just because of the prices in Selangor are too ridiculously skyrocket.

So, why the government of Selangor keep proposing such stupid equality policy while we still need to practice more equitable policy in the country?

    • SSS Admin
    • August 3rd, 2010

    Salam Sejahtera Tuan/Puan,

    Kami di Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua (SSS) amat berbangga dan berterima kasih di atas sokongan Tuan/Puan dengan memaparkan logo SSS di laman citra Tuan/Puan sebagai tanda sokongan.

    Laman citra Tuan/Puan adalah kini tersenarai di senarai e-Patriot kami.

    Sekian, terima kasih.


    Admin SSS

  1. Stumbled upon your blog post via live search the other day and absolutely adore it. Continue the good work.

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