DIY : Customized Savvy TDC Sensor

I’m now at RS Auto, Puchong, servicing my dear Savvy. I guess most Savvy’s owners have heard about this workshop. It’s famous for solving Savvy’s little (a pain in the ass though) problem – TDC or speed sensor. I managed to change my TDC sensor here after a bit of googling.

If many have not known, Savvy has this simple problem with its TDC sensor connector. After a while it got loose. As the result, it’d be difficulted to start the engine, usually in the morning. Even sometimes, when the engine is idling in the middle of traffic jam, the engine just suddenly stops dead, and worse you cannot start it after a few times. However, the sensor itself is still A-OK. No need to be replaced or anything. What it needs is just a bit of altering the connector. You yourself can do it by your own.

5 Easy Steps To Alter Your Savvy TDC Sensor (Caution! Do it at your own risk)

  1. Just unscrew the TDC sensor
  2. Disconnect from main cable
  3. Cut the connector off from the main cable (your might want to observe which cable connects to which pin of the connector)
  4. Solder a new pair of wire about 3″ to the TDC pins/legs
  5. Rejoin those wires to the main cable accordingly

Walla! Now your Savvy is ready roll without anymore pain to start.

TDC Sensor

pics credit to this site


If you feel that you’re not that pro enough to DoItYourself and if you’re somewhere in Klang Valley area, might as well you drive to RS Auto in Puchong to get that little bugger replace for just RM30. They’ll take your TDC sensor and install an altered/customized one to your car. The one that they put into your car is not a non-ori unit. That’s why they take in your sensor so that they can customize it and resell it later.

I did mine there a month ago. The mechanic explained to me how they alter it. Anyway, I am not responsible if your Savvy blow off or something when you try this :). It’s just for the sake of sharing.

Well these are some info on how to get to RS Auto Service Centre Sdn. Bhd. (RS Auto should gimme discounted service price for promoting their workshop)

Address : No. 28, Jalan Industri PBP 4, Taman Industri, Pusat Bandar Puchong

Phone : 03-5891 7398 / 012-297 5226 (Open Mon-Sat 9am – 6pm)

GPS Coordinate : N 03° 0.656’ E 101° 37.007’

RS Auto Service Center

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    • billy kong
    • November 22nd, 2010

    Thank u vry much for ur info i appreciated it thks.
    keep in touch.

    • shah
    • March 23rd, 2011

    they sell wayyyy cheaper tdc sensor rather than asking for one from proton service center. RS Auto rawx

    • badrul
    • April 10th, 2012

    so the otal for rplacing the TDC is rm30 only???

    • belalang
    • May 20th, 2012

    when sensor dirty still need to clean , so it is for signal loss,
    ifsensor or flywheel dirty , it will soon accumulate dirts and making hard start again (also)

    • savvystingy
    • July 21st, 2012

    lol u mean that after resolder your savvy sensor wont get dirty?

    in the first place there are no problem with signal problem unless ur cable is putus

    • Roddy
    • November 30th, 2012

    Hi, thanks to you I managed to find out what’s really wrong with my Savvy. A few days back went to my usual mechanic but he couldnt solved the problem. Anyway, after reading ur story, today I went to the place and had my TDC replaced for RM30 only. Hope that solved my car problem. Btw, good news to all Savvy owners in Shah Alam, RS Auto will be moving to Seksyen 25 in Dec. A very good news to me especially since I live juz 10mins away 🙂

    • soter p. ruby
    • March 16th, 2013

    yesterday my car having a problem with this tdc sensor so the proton technician help to check n clean the tdc sensor after that the car can start again, very many thank for sharing this kind of knowledge. TQ

  1. December 27th, 2012

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