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Tahniah Kelantan : Juara Piala Malaysia 2010

Akhirnya menang juga Kelantan untuk memiliki Piala Malaysia. Lepas beberapa kali kempunan, akhirnya tahun ni rezeki Kelantan untuk naik podium. Mungkin rezeki Hairuddin Omar kot sebab tahun lepas dia main dengan Negeri Sembilan dan menang Piala Malaysia, lawan Kelantan. Tahun ni dia tukar team, menang juga. Score pula tu. Apa-apa pun TAHNIAH Kelantan!

Kalau ikut kualiti game tadi, memang menarik. Asyik serang je. Tak de lak nak bertahan mana-mana team pun. Kalau macam ni lah kualiti game pasukan-pasukan lain, mesti stadium 80% penuh punya! Hopefully, next year the quality of our football game will keep improving.

Cuma satu saja yang tak best. Menang pun, stadium penuh dengan botol air dan sampah mercun. Kalau kalah tadi? Nasib baik juga la Kelantan menang tadi ūüėÄ

Final Result : Kelantan 2 – 1 Negeri Sembilan

Next stop, Man Utd vs Tottenham Hotspur. Currently, the score is Man Utd 1-0 Tottenham. It’s on track, thanks to Vidic. Hopefully, tonight I will see another fantastic goal from Chicharito, the little green pea!

Update : Man Utd 2-0 Tottenham. Scorer : Vidic (31) & Nani (84). Well done United!


Rewrite History Textbooks : Khoo Kay Khim

As promised, here is the file of the article from the Sun dated Oct 29th 2010 about rewriting our history textbooks : Rewrite history textbooks

Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Khim said well. Our textbooks need to be rewritten more comprehensively, and I would say add up some spices to the way of writing. We all know ourselves. We do like to read. We read tonnes of novels or magazines but our history textbooks. Why? BORING! Don’t you think they are too stilted? I read history novels and biographies which can be considered as ‘history textbooks’, and I love ’em. The style of writing of our textbooks needs to be changed. It seems that the authors are forcing too much facts into our head. Why not change the writing style to as how you’re telling victorious or sob stories? ¬†Guess that will grab more students’ attention than what we’re having right now.

In terms of writing the facts, I totally agree with Khoo. Don’t need to shy away from the truth. Put the truth on the table and let everybody learn from the past. If we don’t, we’ll be doomed. History tends to repeat itself.

History books are not meant for political means. Just come out clean. I remember a few years back when this one university published a textbook for its unity and¬†integration¬†module, some ‘unseen hands’ had grabbed the university’s b@!!$ to call it off. Why? It mentioned names of political parties which were¬†responsible¬†for the big racial clash in 1969. So, if that continue to happen, we Malaysians are going nowhere.

Praise to the government for making history a must-passed SPM subject by 2013, and introducing the subject to primary school by 2014. Hope these new moves will improve our sense of belonging, and make everyone to embrace other Malaysians as his or her true brothers and sisters.


p.s. :¬†check this blog out… I don’t think he favors Khoo that much

*article credit to Kong See Hoh. “Rewrite History Textbooks.” The Sun 28 October 2010 : 10
*pic credit to Aizuddin Saad : Press Photographer


Buta Sejarah

Wonders of wORLD wIDE wEB! Saya baru membaca surat khabar semalam, itu pun melalui Internet. Kalau nak baca printed version dah tentu kertas-kertas tu dah lunyai sekarang ni. Satu sebab lagi untuk sokong usaha kurangkan penggunaan kertas – kuranglah sampah dan kuranglah penebangan balak-balak. Takut anak-anak kita dah besar nanti, makin panas pula diorang.

One of the articles that I browsed through tonight that caught my eyes, was from Utusan MalaysiaOrang muda buta sejarah!“. What the ….

Cemana pula wartawan tu boleh buat kesimpulan macam ni? Lepas baca satu-satu soalan yang ditanya kepada 200 randomly selected respondents, this is my conclusion :-

Soalan ke-2 dan ke-4 boleh dipertimbangkan kalau salah

Soalan 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 dan 10 tak patut ada yang tak tahu

Sebab :

1. Memang diakui tak ramai yang peka pasal tema sambutan hari merdeka termasuk orang yang tak muda pun. Cuba tanya pada wakil-wakil rakyat, cikgu-cikgu, manager-manager bank dan cashier kedai mamak pun tak tentu tahu lagi.

2. Soalan 4 tu, kalau diubah sikit untuk cam kan jata negara pun tak tentu lagi ramai orang akan dapat jawab dengan betul, tambah la lagi dengan nak tahu cogan kata negara yang hanya ada pada jata tu

Tetapi macam mana pun, sebagai seorang rakyat kenalah at least tahu semua ni. Memang soalan yang basic. Tapi apa penyelesaiannya?

Menteri Pelajaran baru-baru ni ada sebut untuk jadikan subjek sejarah sebagai subjek yang kena lulus dalam peperiksaan awam. Bagus la tu. Baru la budak-budak serius sikit belajar sejarah. Cuma loop hole nya ialah sistem pengajaran dan pengajar tu sendiri. Saya ingat lagi masa waktu sejarah dari tingkatan 1 sampailah tingkatan 5, cara cikgunya mengajar adalah sama : untuk lulus dan score A dalam periksa. Buku teks tu sangat jarang pegang. Kitab utama adalah buku rujukan (ala yang Sasbadi print tu). Kena paksa beli tu! Hasilnya, itu yang Utusan kata Orang Muda Buta Sejarah.

Prof¬†Emeritus¬†Khoo Kay Khim ada kata baru-baru ni, buku teks sejarah kena ditulis semula supaya lebih comprehensive dan menceritakan fakta sebenar. Dia bagi contoh, ramai orang politik kata “penjajah British yang bawa masuk orang Cina beramai-ramai ke Tanah Melayu” padahal sebenarnya “tauke-tauke kaya Cina yang sudah ada di Tanah Melayu yang bawa masuk orang-orang Cina ke sini” untuk lombong bijih timah. Dia juga ada sebut cikgu-cikgu perlu main peranan untuk pastikan anak murid faham sejarah yang di’belajar’nya. Cikgu tu sendiri kena tahu beyond written passages in the text book. Barulah dia boleh cerita dengan menariknya macam mana Kuala Lumpur dibuka. Ini tak, asyik-asyik Yap Ah Loi yang buka KL. Tak cerita pun Abdullah Hukum yang semangat buka kampung-kampung Melayu di KL tu macam di Bangsar.

Esok saya akan upload artikel yang cerita pendapat Prof Khoo pasal keputusan Kementerian Pelajaran dengan subjek sejarah ni. Kena scan dulu paper the Sun tu

ps : What if I was one of the respondents? I should score 9/10. My wrong answer for question #2 would be part of WRONG stat!

*pic credit tu Utusan Malaysia

Are we Not 1Malaysia?

I got stranded at KLIA after my flight to Langkawi which scheduled at 3.00pm was canceled due to some aircraft failure or something. At least that what the MAS officer in charge told me.  I finally got to aboard another flight at 6.00pm. I spent almost 4 hours at KLIA today. The longest, so far! Anyway, thanks to MAS for providing a lunch voucher worth RM20.

Coincidently, another¬†colleague of mine was boarding the same flight at 6.00pm. So, at least I had somebody to chat with during the final hour before boarding the flight, and of course during the journey because he was sitting next to me. What’s the odd?!

During that¬†lengthy conversation, he suddenly popped up a question which to me a very ‘brain breaking’ question. “What do you think about Dato’ Sri¬†Najib‘s current policy?”. I supposed “What a nice weather today” wasn’t one of his favorite question. LOL ūüėÄ

I paused… I needed a damn good answer, at least to tell him that I do read the newspaper which I seldomly do. *¬†giggle*

I guess Dato’ Sri Najib is trying to embed a real Malaysia idealism in every Malaysians’ hearts and souls. Mahathir did mention in his Malay Dilemma that the shallow and surface relationship between Malay, Chinese and Indian during the early days of independence was among the big factors of May 13th Tragedy. Najib’s trying to foster the real relationship between ethnics who are too diverse in background. I belief that the day will come when the Prime Minister of Malaysia will not be Malay and Muslim. Everybody assumes that the PM will always be a Malay, especially the Malays, because it has been since 1957. But the Federal Constitution says differently. It just states that an MP who has the majority support of Dewan Rakyat will assume the power of the PM of Malaysia. Nonetheless, will the PM at that time continue to protect and uphold the Federal Constitution and its spirit just as when the country was formed and agreed upon in 1957? The religion of the Federal of Malaysia will always be Islam, the special position of Raja-Raja Melayu, the national language will always be only Bahasa Melayu and the special privileges of Bumiputras? Whenever another MP tries to change these articles even he or she is a Malay, will another Chinese, Indian or Sikh MP stands up and opposes it, regardless of his or her political party and religion? Currently, I don’t see that coming. See what happen in Penang or Selangor. Pakatan MPs and ADUNs in those states are promoting new ideology which is too different from the spirit of the Federal Constitution. Malays nowadays can’t even utter the phrase of ‘hak melayu‘. If they say so, Pakatan MPs or ADUNs will attack them as racists. But when Chinese or Indians go around and talk about their rights, no Malay calls them racists. When Teoh Beng Hock died in the custody of SPRM, DAP marched around, did candle light virgil and subtly campaigned that it happened because of Beng Hock was a Chinese. Same thing happened when A.Kugan died in the custody of Police. HINDRAF and DAP went around and subtly told people that it wouldn’t happen if Kugan wasn’t an Indian. People suddenly forgot the sin and crime that Kugan did even he was caught red-handed trying to steal a luxury car.¬†This is a true bigotry.¬†And, when Susilowati and other few Malays was murdered by a few Indians, nobody said anything. Either UMNO or PAS said nothing. Malays didn’t react at all. Why? Because they saw it as a pure sadistic and brutal criminal act. It could happen to anyone regardless of his or her skin color. So, I guess Najib wants to make sure that all Malaysians will only see other Malaysians as Malaysian and not Malay, Chinese, Indian, Orang Asli, Iban, Murut, Kadazan, Bajau, Sungai, Suluk and everything else. He’s promoting 1Malaysia to ensure this and at the same time upholding the spirit of the Federal Constitution. He doesn’t want our national language ends up like Singapore national language which is also Bahasa Melayu. The national anthem is also in Bahasa Melayu – Majulah Singapura. But who still speak Bahasa Melayu in Singapore? Basically, this development is good for Malaysia, however he should consider all options in realizing this sincere concept. Just to make sure it won’t lose in translation.

That was my answer. After writing this down, no wonder I felt that journey from KLIA to Langkawi took shorter than usual ūüôā

Legacy of Ashes : The History of The CIA – Initial Review

I’ve been reading “Legacy of Ashes : The History of The CIA” by Tim Weiner for a while now.
I just spend about 20 mins per day to read that 700 pages thick book, not everyday though. I wonder when I’m gonna finish it. But I’m at page 211 now. I should be finishing it¬†by mid of next year at that rate. LOL

Anyhow, the book is very interesting. Well, as said by some of its reviewers “astonishing for anyone who’s interested inCIA clandastine operations and history”. And I DO!

More you can learn from the CIA history. About the U.S. foreign policies especially during the Cold War. To add more, guess how much trillions of dollars have been poured into several countries around the world which are considered strategic for the U.S. existence in this so called free world? And you’d be surprised that some of world leaders that you recognize were waged by the agency to successfully be at the power of their respective countries. Though, some of those operations failed¬†miserably.

One thing that I learn from the early reading of this book, fact is fact. Never ever mislead your bosses with tempered facts. The CIA, according to Weiner, is not only good at manipulating facts to the people but also to the U.S. presidents. It did sometimes supply falsehood briefing papers to the president just to make the agency look good. Walla! Everybody knows the end result. Operation Code Name : Operation Disastrous Failure!

To be fair, the CIA did write its own review regarding this exposure. One can always see how they try to deny the Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist findings by questioning the credibility of his sources.

Anyway, I’m gonna continue reading the book and keep you posted with more interesting unclassified fun facts!

A Date with My Little Angel

It’s been a while. Yup, got caught up with tonnes of work lately. Even today, I had to bust my a$& ¬†at the office from early in the morning till late evening. Thanks to my dear¬†colleagues, things went well.¬†Anyhow, that’s how thing is. Berkhidmat Untuk Negara ūüôā and I gladly do it. Not a lot of people have this privilege.

Since I already promised my children to do some outings today and obviously that plan needed a bit of changes, I thought my family and I could still reach KL in time after I got back from work. Sadly, my little son had already asleep when I got home (though it was only after Maghrib). My wife was a bit tired after the ‘walk about’ at PWTC. Then came my daughter asking me anxiously “Abah, jom pegi taman (playground).¬†Nak?” She still remembered that I promised her to take her out today.



Alamanda Putrajaya


After solat Maghrib, I took her to Alamanda (again). It was only two of us, and that was our first date. I used to take her out before but just to buy some things or groceries either at Petronas pump station or  Carrefour.

First stop was Parkson though she wanted to go directly to the playground which was just next to the entrance of Parkson. I told her “we go and get you a belt first then we go to taman ek” and she nodded gently. Sometimes I’m so amused with these days kids. Even though she’s just 2 and half years old but she gets it. I wonder, was I this smart when I was her age. Louis Armstrong said it, they’ll learn much more than I’ll never know.

That first stop lasted almost an hour. I thought I wanted to get her a belt and baju princess (as she always refer to a dress) and also a shirt for her little brother. But nope! “Abah, jom tengok Dora ngan Barney! Jom, nak?” She just wanted to see the posters and all the items that bear Dora’s and Barney’s images. Those are her favorite characters. Then we went to ‘try me’ almost all toys that were electronics. Luckily, she didn’t want to get any of it :D. I did offer her though to buy a toy, in my¬†defense! Guess, that my window shopping thingy is stuck with her too.

Next stop was the taman. That wasn’t last for at least 10 minutes since there were a lot of kids running around. Dia takut sikit bila ada ramai budak agresif. Rasanya ini kesan bila tak hantar anak ke nursery atau rumah pengasuh?!

Since it was already nine o’clock and and we hadn’t had our dinner yet, so we went to Secret Recipe. I ordered her kid’s burger, ice creme and orange juice. Watching her eating made me think. Nowadays, even though there are still a lot of people who are under privilege in our country, my kids already¬†have the chance to eat at some restaurants or fast food chains at her age.


See, I was brought up in a lower class family. Abah was a retired army with monthly pension money about RM5++. He did not stop there but opened up a pisang goreng stall to support his family. Mak took some sewing jobs to help him out. Both of my brothers were at college but they got some small amount of scholarship. That helped out a little bit. The only time my sister and I got the chance to eat at KFC (there was no such thing as McD in my home town yet) when either one of us got # 1 or 2 in our class. So, the only way for us to pursue our study to university was by getting government scholarship, and we did! Now, my family has moved up to the middle class society. Thank you Mak and allahyarham Abah. My prayers always go to both of you.

Anyway, after finishing our meal it was time to go home. While walking back (outside of Alamanda), my daughter asked me “Abah tu moon kan?!” pointing at the moon which covered by heavy clouds. I answered “Ha ah, tu moon, star tak nampak malam ni sebab heavy clouds and it’s raining” because I knew the next question would be “star mane?“.

We did stop at the playground sekejap. Sebab dah takde orang, sukalah dia nak main di taman tu. So that concluded our date and her day too. Her day will not complete if she can’t go to the playground. She will keep asking to go the playground even it’s 11pm.