A Date with My Little Angel

It’s been a while. Yup, got caught up with tonnes of work lately. Even today, I had to bust my a$&  at the office from early in the morning till late evening. Thanks to my dear colleagues, things went well. Anyhow, that’s how thing is. Berkhidmat Untuk Negara 🙂 and I gladly do it. Not a lot of people have this privilege.

Since I already promised my children to do some outings today and obviously that plan needed a bit of changes, I thought my family and I could still reach KL in time after I got back from work. Sadly, my little son had already asleep when I got home (though it was only after Maghrib). My wife was a bit tired after the ‘walk about’ at PWTC. Then came my daughter asking me anxiously “Abah, jom pegi taman (playground). Nak?” She still remembered that I promised her to take her out today.



Alamanda Putrajaya


After solat Maghrib, I took her to Alamanda (again). It was only two of us, and that was our first date. I used to take her out before but just to buy some things or groceries either at Petronas pump station or  Carrefour.

First stop was Parkson though she wanted to go directly to the playground which was just next to the entrance of Parkson. I told her “we go and get you a belt first then we go to taman ek” and she nodded gently. Sometimes I’m so amused with these days kids. Even though she’s just 2 and half years old but she gets it. I wonder, was I this smart when I was her age. Louis Armstrong said it, they’ll learn much more than I’ll never know.

That first stop lasted almost an hour. I thought I wanted to get her a belt and baju princess (as she always refer to a dress) and also a shirt for her little brother. But nope! “Abah, jom tengok Dora ngan Barney! Jom, nak?” She just wanted to see the posters and all the items that bear Dora’s and Barney’s images. Those are her favorite characters. Then we went to ‘try me’ almost all toys that were electronics. Luckily, she didn’t want to get any of it :D. I did offer her though to buy a toy, in my defense! Guess, that my window shopping thingy is stuck with her too.

Next stop was the taman. That wasn’t last for at least 10 minutes since there were a lot of kids running around. Dia takut sikit bila ada ramai budak agresif. Rasanya ini kesan bila tak hantar anak ke nursery atau rumah pengasuh?!

Since it was already nine o’clock and and we hadn’t had our dinner yet, so we went to Secret Recipe. I ordered her kid’s burger, ice creme and orange juice. Watching her eating made me think. Nowadays, even though there are still a lot of people who are under privilege in our country, my kids already have the chance to eat at some restaurants or fast food chains at her age.


See, I was brought up in a lower class family. Abah was a retired army with monthly pension money about RM5++. He did not stop there but opened up a pisang goreng stall to support his family. Mak took some sewing jobs to help him out. Both of my brothers were at college but they got some small amount of scholarship. That helped out a little bit. The only time my sister and I got the chance to eat at KFC (there was no such thing as McD in my home town yet) when either one of us got # 1 or 2 in our class. So, the only way for us to pursue our study to university was by getting government scholarship, and we did! Now, my family has moved up to the middle class society. Thank you Mak and allahyarham Abah. My prayers always go to both of you.

Anyway, after finishing our meal it was time to go home. While walking back (outside of Alamanda), my daughter asked me “Abah tu moon kan?!” pointing at the moon which covered by heavy clouds. I answered “Ha ah, tu moon, star tak nampak malam ni sebab heavy clouds and it’s raining” because I knew the next question would be “star mane?“.

We did stop at the playground sekejap. Sebab dah takde orang, sukalah dia nak main di taman tu. So that concluded our date and her day too. Her day will not complete if she can’t go to the playground. She will keep asking to go the playground even it’s 11pm.

  1. bos…
    having a child is always something… anak adalah salah satu cara utk muhasabah diri 😀
    this story reminds me of myself either… at her age, zaharah dah naik kapal terbang, dah rasa dok 5 stars hotels, dah makan best2 (sometimes kat kedai mahal sbb makpak dia kan suka makan, esp time ade duit, hehehe)
    masa aku dulu, air gas bleh request time besday je… choc bar 1st time mak kasi bli masa form 1. kalau keluar makan, xde can nak order, semua mak pilih, air kongsi… mcm2 lg la..
    anak2 skarang untung. mungkin sbb kita tak mau diorg experience yg sama cam kita…
    harap2 sahsiah & agama diorg pon akan lebih baik dr kita, insyaAllah…

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