Legacy of Ashes : The History of The CIA – Initial Review

I’ve been reading “Legacy of Ashes : The History of The CIA” by Tim Weiner for a while now.
I just spend about 20 mins per day to read that 700 pages thick book, not everyday though. I wonder when I’m gonna finish it. But I’m at page 211 now. I should be finishing it by mid of next year at that rate. LOL

Anyhow, the book is very interesting. Well, as said by some of its reviewers “astonishing for anyone who’s interested inCIA clandastine operations and history”. And I DO!

More you can learn from the CIA history. About the U.S. foreign policies especially during the Cold War. To add more, guess how much trillions of dollars have been poured into several countries around the world which are considered strategic for the U.S. existence in this so called free world? And you’d be surprised that some of world leaders that you recognize were waged by the agency to successfully be at the power of their respective countries. Though, some of those operations failed miserably.

One thing that I learn from the early reading of this book, fact is fact. Never ever mislead your bosses with tempered facts. The CIA, according to Weiner, is not only good at manipulating facts to the people but also to the U.S. presidents. It did sometimes supply falsehood briefing papers to the president just to make the agency look good. Walla! Everybody knows the end result. Operation Code Name : Operation Disastrous Failure!

To be fair, the CIA did write its own review regarding this exposure. One can always see how they try to deny the Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist findings by questioning the credibility of his sources.

Anyway, I’m gonna continue reading the book and keep you posted with more interesting unclassified fun facts!

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