Rewrite History Textbooks : Khoo Kay Khim

As promised, here is the file of the article from the Sun dated Oct 29th 2010 about rewriting our history textbooks : Rewrite history textbooks

Prof Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Khoo Kay Khim said well. Our textbooks need to be rewritten more comprehensively, and I would say add up some spices to the way of writing. We all know ourselves. We do like to read. We read tonnes of novels or magazines but our history textbooks. Why? BORING! Don’t you think they are too stilted? I read history novels and biographies which can be considered as ‘history textbooks’, and I love ’em. The style of writing of our textbooks needs to be changed. It seems that the authors are forcing too much facts into our head. Why not change the writing style to as how you’re telling victorious or sob stories?  Guess that will grab more students’ attention than what we’re having right now.

In terms of writing the facts, I totally agree with Khoo. Don’t need to shy away from the truth. Put the truth on the table and let everybody learn from the past. If we don’t, we’ll be doomed. History tends to repeat itself.

History books are not meant for political means. Just come out clean. I remember a few years back when this one university published a textbook for its unity and integration module, some ‘unseen hands’ had grabbed the university’s b@!!$ to call it off. Why? It mentioned names of political parties which were responsible for the big racial clash in 1969. So, if that continue to happen, we Malaysians are going nowhere.

Praise to the government for making history a must-passed SPM subject by 2013, and introducing the subject to primary school by 2014. Hope these new moves will improve our sense of belonging, and make everyone to embrace other Malaysians as his or her true brothers and sisters.


p.s. : check this blog out… I don’t think he favors Khoo that much

*article credit to Kong See Hoh. “Rewrite History Textbooks.” The Sun 28 October 2010 : 10
*pic credit to Aizuddin Saad : Press Photographer


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