1 Month 1 Post Pt. 1

It seems blogging is not my real thingy. The last time that I wrote something was way back in November. I have so much thoughts to share with but time is never at  my side. Yup, blame it on others as if that could change anything. Well, 2011 new resolution, at least 1 month 1 post. Mark this day as this is the first post of 2011.

Anyway, let’s play catch up.


Congratulation to Harimau Malaya for superb performance in the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. The 1-5 defeat to Indonesia in the opening game did not hold the young Tigers back. They drew 0-0 to Thailand in their second game and afterwards trashed Lao 5-1.

They continued their excellent performance at Bukit Jalil by scoring 2 goals to nil against Vietnam. Sadly, I was away from KL during the match, and had to watch the game with other Malaysian fanatics at the airport. Allah the Most Knowing had arranged everything for me. My flight was delayed that evening, giving me the opportunity to watch the match till the 85th minute. The 2 phat goals by Safee Sali gave the young Malaysians some space to play in the second leg at Hanoi. The young Tigers sent Vietnam home after holding the Vietnamese 0-0 at their own ground. Malaysia did look  a bit edgy in that match but thanks to the fantastic line of defense, we were finally living up the dream – winning the Cup for the first time. The closest that we got was in 1996 when Malaysia lost to Thailand 0-1 in the first edition of AFF Cup (was known as Tiger Cup). Zainal Abidin Hassan was the MVP for that edition.

The first leg of the finals was at Bukit Jalil. I was there, witnessing  the glorious moment of our football history of the decade. It was world class play by Norshahrul Idlan Talaha to create the opening goal. And it’s one of my favorite plays. The second goal was crucial in order to make sure Malaysia had bagged enough goals before going to Gelora Bung Karno. Again Norshahrul was the man of the hour who set the ball though he initially shot the ball but it hit Indonesian defender and bounced back to make way for Ashari Samsudin to sent it home. The third goal had sealed the deal and sent the Indonesians home under pressure. Accurate lob by Mahalli Jasuli to assist Safee to head in the third goal passed through Markus Harison. That was  a world class header. Everyone at the stadium (except for who wore red) was jubilant. They said that this was IT. Finally, a  new Malayan Tiger was born.

The Garuda was under fire, even called “Timnas Ayam Sayur” by local media, but the fans were still in high spirit. The Indonesian police had tighten up the security to ensure the safety of the Malaysian footballers. Yup, it was also a matter of diplomatic and credibility of the country as well. The Tigers were brought to the stadium in Baracudas, amour vehicles, as precaution steps to play in the final second leg at Gelora Bung Karno.

Even though the Indonesians launched a few strikes early of the game, the Young Tigers were solid. And out of thin air, a counter strike was launched. Safee was set with a brilliant through ball and he sent it home. After the whole heart pumping 90 minutes, Malaysia marked a new history, winning the AFF Cup for the first time. Congratulation Malayan Tiger! You made all of us proud! Safee brought home another trophy, top scorer of the championship.

Undefeated Manchester United

Tonight Man Utd will play Tottenham Hotspur. Until now the Red Devils still undefeated after 20 games. I won’t say that Man U is at top of their game. They had a few hiccups now and then but still manage to keep it up the good spirit. The last match of the 3rd round of FA Cup against Liverpool was not that convincing. Scoring  a penalty in the early minutes of the game and playing against 10 men for me is not a good result. They should have scored more. Nonetheless, a good team will still win even they are not in the mood of winning. The win on boxing day 2-0 against Sunderland will become the starting point of a promising campaign this year. 2011 will witness another treble by United – Premier League, FA Cup and Champion League. Mark my word. Glory Glory Glory United!


to be continued

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