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A Must Read

A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

I finally got a copy of it. Thanks to my sister who bought it first and let me read a few chapters of it.

Just reading a few chapters you can already understand of why he made such stern actions and decisions during his premiership. Although some say that he’s an ultra Malay, to me he was just fulfilling his duty as the Prime Minister for all. To ensure all Malaysians get the opportunities accordingly in this blessed country.

As a father, I could learn so much from this book. How to nurture my kids and what’s the best in upbringing them.

Besides that, it could be a great management bible as well. He also touches on how to make the best out of your subordinates.

The best part is, the real politics of Malaysia. As I always say to my friends, Malaysia is very unique. The real political situation in Malaysia is very delicate. Blessed with multiracial and religions, more than whisper could ruin everything that we have now. Those were challenges that he had to face, and now the situation is more complicated than ever.

I thank him for things that he had tried his best to achieve for us. He had made ready for us a base to become greater. All we have to now is to unite, and make the best for Malaysia and our children.