EURO 2012 : Who Will Lift The Trophy?

Not until today will only I write on Euro 2012. Living half across the world from Ukraine and Poland makes you have to get up in the middle of morning to watch every single game. I only watched a few games when the Orange, Germany and England were playing. They were my favorites. I thought either the Orange or England could win this time. And I always knew that the German had a good chance. But what a disappointment!

That’s the thing with football. You can’t expect anything which is wrote on paper will decide the game. Though the Netherlands were displaying such excellent performances but fate had never been on their side.

That went on Germany as well. What a tremendous campaign they had so far but they fumbled in the semis to the Azzuries. Yes, Italy played better. They outperformed the English boys and the Germans in their last two games. They cornered every single opponent when they entered their half. And they had good attackers as well. So scoring goals were nothing to them.

In conclusion only the best team will win. They need not only to display the best performance but also to have the best tactical, skills and quality players to outwit the opposition. After witnessing the Azzuries or the BLUES I strongly feel that they will rule the finals and win the championship to themselves. So best of luck guys.

ps- I’m not a fan of Balotelli but I think he is the man who will rip apart the defense of the Spaniards.

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