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Doa Guling Kerajaan

Tadi tengok Buletin Utama TV3 menyirap pula darah. Kes khatib di Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar as-Sideq, Guar Perahu Pulau Pinang yang sebelum ni dilaporkan oleh TV3 pada 23 Jun 2012. Mula-mula orang UMNO yang diinterview meluap-luap suruh siasat. Dah ada blog yang cuba cool down the temperature supaya orang nampak ini sebagai satu propaganda BN. Ke situ pulak poie nye! Tadi ahli kariah masjid tu dah buat report polis. Minta siasat perkara ini. Untuk pengetahuan semua, tak silapnya Guar Perahu ni dok dalam Parlimen Permatang Pauh. Tau la siapa MP dia kan.

What ever it is pun, takkan lah sampai macam tu sekali. Ape ke bengongnya dan sempit pemikiran sampai minta kepada Allah swt untuk jatuhkan orang Islam sendiri. Bukannya kafir harbi pun nak didoakan sebegitu. Kenape tak minta doa supaya pemimpin BN nie dibuka pintu hatinya kalau jahat sangat depa ni?! Bukankah itu lebih baik. Macam komen sahabat saya, “tak payah tunggu Amerika datang hantar ejen untuk ‘jajah’ negara kita macam kat Timur Tengah, orang Islam kita sendiri pun boleh bagi hancurkan negara sebab pecah belah.”

Tak boleh ke kita berbaik-baik sesama insan terutama seagama. Syurga dan neraka tu kat tangan kita ke? Itu semua hak Allah untuk tentukan bukannya manusia. Semoga orang-orang Islam yang jumud pemikirannya macam nie akan lebih terbuka akalnya untuk pastikan Islam sentiasa terletak tinggi di negara kita. Bersatulah tak kira apa pegangan ideologi kita. Tak salah kalau kita berbeza pendapat tapi janganlah sampai mendoakan kejatuhan orang. Doalah perkara-perkara yang baik dan itu lebih mulia.

Nak jatuhkan kerajaan, tunggu pilihan raya nanti. Berilah undi kepada parti yang kita fikir (bukan rasa tau) terbaik untuk tadbir negara. Yang dapat jaga kebajikan anak cucu kita, ekonomi dan majukan negara untuk keselesaan rakyat.

I’m Glad I Live in Malaysia

Recent development in Kerdau and Merlimau for me is very frustrating. From what I heard, a few leaders were urging the people to adopt the ‘way of the street’ as what were in Egypt and Tunisia. They keep saying that SPR is not transparent and corupt. Serving only for the government of the day. Which is not as far as I’m concerned.

MAFREL, an NGO who claimed that it’s neutral, was granted by SPR to observe the campaign and polling day during a few of past by-elections. But this neutral body was only observing and protesting BN campaign. If you were there at Manek Urai, Bukit Gantang, Batang Ai, Bukit Selambau and a lot more, you only saw MAFREL officials at BN posts, and checking out every  BN campaign. None were seen at any either PAS, PKR or DAP posts. Now I know what neutral means.

SPR knew this yet still gave permission to such body to observe our democracy practice. So, all false and malicious allegations towards SPR would be dismissed. SPR thought MAFREL could improve our election practices but nothing constructive suggestions were put forward by MAFREL. At the end of the day, MAFREL has been dropped out from our election scenes.

Anyhow, Hosni Mubarak is no more there. But the street jokers are still there. Look what is happening in Tunisia, new government has been installed yet the rioters are everywhere. Democracy does not belong on the streets. It’s an idea of sharing power with every single living citizen of a state. Democracy means equitible opportunity for the citizens so all can live without fear of being threaten by other living soul physically or mentally. All can earn a living without prejudice.

I believe we have all that in Malaysia. Tiny little bit of bad experience is nothing compared to even developed countries such the US, UK or France. Racism is still a lot in those countries. Most of those speakers who keep promoting the ideal democracy of the US and the UK have never even been to those countries. If they were there, they were only visiting not living the real Americans way of life. I was there. A few of my friends were too. Yes, they have cheap jeans and great burgers but walking alone at night fearing being mugged of shot in the head is not the unusual. Ghetthos or slums are always referred to the blacks community homes. These are what democracy mean to those capitalists. Equal opportunity for all. I don’t think God given spectacular brain and heart are just for yourself. It’s about helping each other out.

Think again. Why we are so anxious to deteriorate our peace and harmony Malaysia. Can’t everyone just hold hands and develop our beloved Malaysia so our young ones can continue live peacefully. You know what, Malaysia is the best thing that ever happen to me. All the good things happen here.