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Jurulatih 3 Kepala

My friend showed me this video on YouTube. It’s hillarious. Got to watch. Many more such videos. Just search ‘Bangkang Dari Longkang’ on YouTube or google it. Mesti jumpa!!! Harap kita tak jadi macam ni.


Doa Guling Kerajaan

Tadi tengok Buletin Utama TV3 menyirap pula darah. Kes khatib di Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar as-Sideq, Guar Perahu Pulau Pinang yang sebelum ni dilaporkan oleh TV3 pada 23 Jun 2012. Mula-mula orang UMNO yang diinterview meluap-luap suruh siasat. Dah ada blog yang cuba cool down the temperature supaya orang nampak ini sebagai satu propaganda BN. Ke situ pulak poie nye! Tadi ahli kariah masjid tu dah buat report polis. Minta siasat perkara ini. Untuk pengetahuan semua, tak silapnya Guar Perahu ni dok dalam Parlimen Permatang Pauh. Tau la siapa MP dia kan.

What ever it is pun, takkan lah sampai macam tu sekali. Ape ke bengongnya dan sempit pemikiran sampai minta kepada Allah swt untuk jatuhkan orang Islam sendiri. Bukannya kafir harbi pun nak didoakan sebegitu. Kenape tak minta doa supaya pemimpin BN nie dibuka pintu hatinya kalau jahat sangat depa ni?! Bukankah itu lebih baik. Macam komen sahabat saya, “tak payah tunggu Amerika datang hantar ejen untuk ‘jajah’ negara kita macam kat Timur Tengah, orang Islam kita sendiri pun boleh bagi hancurkan negara sebab pecah belah.”

Tak boleh ke kita berbaik-baik sesama insan terutama seagama. Syurga dan neraka tu kat tangan kita ke? Itu semua hak Allah untuk tentukan bukannya manusia. Semoga orang-orang Islam yang jumud pemikirannya macam nie akan lebih terbuka akalnya untuk pastikan Islam sentiasa terletak tinggi di negara kita. Bersatulah tak kira apa pegangan ideologi kita. Tak salah kalau kita berbeza pendapat tapi janganlah sampai mendoakan kejatuhan orang. Doalah perkara-perkara yang baik dan itu lebih mulia.

Nak jatuhkan kerajaan, tunggu pilihan raya nanti. Berilah undi kepada parti yang kita fikir (bukan rasa tau) terbaik untuk tadbir negara. Yang dapat jaga kebajikan anak cucu kita, ekonomi dan majukan negara untuk keselesaan rakyat.

Kuning dan BERSIH

Sudah lama tidak menaip, kekok pula rasanya. Banyak yang hendak dikatakan tapi kurang pula masa untuk diluangkan di sini. Mungkin perkara ini sudah hampir dilupakan namun ia banyak memberi kesan kepada negara kita. Akta Perhimpunan Aman 2012 digubal dan luluskan akibat daripada NGO bernama BERSIH. Walhal sebelum ini pun rakyat bebas untuk berhimpun tetapi terdapat beberapa peraturan yang perlu diperolehi sebelum diluluskan permitnya. Namun di bawah akta baru ini, sesiapa sahaja boleh menganjurkan perhimpunan aman dengan hanya menghantar notis kepada pihak polis 10 hari sebelum tarikh perhimpunan. Suatu perubahan yang ketara kepada negara kita.

Bagaimanapun, entri ini bukanlah fasal perhimpunan aman tetapi kekesalan saya tentang keikhlasan BERSIH sendiri dalam membantu kerajaan untuk mencapai suatu pilihan raya yang didakwa kotor.

BERSIH dalam salah satu tuntutannya mengatakan bahawa daftar pemilih kita sangat tidak teratur dan meragukan. Apa yang dinyatakan adalah masih terdapat nama-nama pemilih yang boleh dipersoalkan kewujudan mereka. Masih ada pemilih-pemilih yang berumur lebih dari 100 tahun. Adakah mereka masih hidup atau telah mati? Terdapat juga nama-nama yang berkongsi alamat yang sama terutama alamat di kampung-kampung. Memang betul, sangat-sangat meragukan! Bagaimana SPR sehingga hari ini selepas berpuluh tahun merdeka masih tidak boleh bersihkan daftar pemilih ini?

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I’m Glad I Live in Malaysia

Recent development in Kerdau and Merlimau for me is very frustrating. From what I heard, a few leaders were urging the people to adopt the ‘way of the street’ as what were in Egypt and Tunisia. They keep saying that SPR is not transparent and corupt. Serving only for the government of the day. Which is not as far as I’m concerned.

MAFREL, an NGO who claimed that it’s neutral, was granted by SPR to observe the campaign and polling day during a few of past by-elections. But this neutral body was only observing and protesting BN campaign. If you were there at Manek Urai, Bukit Gantang, Batang Ai, Bukit Selambau and a lot more, you only saw MAFREL officials at BN posts, and checking out every  BN campaign. None were seen at any either PAS, PKR or DAP posts. Now I know what neutral means.

SPR knew this yet still gave permission to such body to observe our democracy practice. So, all false and malicious allegations towards SPR would be dismissed. SPR thought MAFREL could improve our election practices but nothing constructive suggestions were put forward by MAFREL. At the end of the day, MAFREL has been dropped out from our election scenes.

Anyhow, Hosni Mubarak is no more there. But the street jokers are still there. Look what is happening in Tunisia, new government has been installed yet the rioters are everywhere. Democracy does not belong on the streets. It’s an idea of sharing power with every single living citizen of a state. Democracy means equitible opportunity for the citizens so all can live without fear of being threaten by other living soul physically or mentally. All can earn a living without prejudice.

I believe we have all that in Malaysia. Tiny little bit of bad experience is nothing compared to even developed countries such the US, UK or France. Racism is still a lot in those countries. Most of those speakers who keep promoting the ideal democracy of the US and the UK have never even been to those countries. If they were there, they were only visiting not living the real Americans way of life. I was there. A few of my friends were too. Yes, they have cheap jeans and great burgers but walking alone at night fearing being mugged of shot in the head is not the unusual. Ghetthos or slums are always referred to the blacks community homes. These are what democracy mean to those capitalists. Equal opportunity for all. I don’t think God given spectacular brain and heart are just for yourself. It’s about helping each other out.

Think again. Why we are so anxious to deteriorate our peace and harmony Malaysia. Can’t everyone just hold hands and develop our beloved Malaysia so our young ones can continue live peacefully. You know what, Malaysia is the best thing that ever happen to me. All the good things happen here.

Are we Not 1Malaysia?

I got stranded at KLIA after my flight to Langkawi which scheduled at 3.00pm was canceled due to some aircraft failure or something. At least that what the MAS officer in charge told me.  I finally got to aboard another flight at 6.00pm. I spent almost 4 hours at KLIA today. The longest, so far! Anyway, thanks to MAS for providing a lunch voucher worth RM20.

Coincidently, another colleague of mine was boarding the same flight at 6.00pm. So, at least I had somebody to chat with during the final hour before boarding the flight, and of course during the journey because he was sitting next to me. What’s the odd?!

During that lengthy conversation, he suddenly popped up a question which to me a very ‘brain breaking’ question. “What do you think about Dato’ Sri Najib‘s current policy?”. I supposed “What a nice weather today” wasn’t one of his favorite question. LOL 😀

I paused… I needed a damn good answer, at least to tell him that I do read the newspaper which I seldomly do. * giggle*

I guess Dato’ Sri Najib is trying to embed a real Malaysia idealism in every Malaysians’ hearts and souls. Mahathir did mention in his Malay Dilemma that the shallow and surface relationship between Malay, Chinese and Indian during the early days of independence was among the big factors of May 13th Tragedy. Najib’s trying to foster the real relationship between ethnics who are too diverse in background. I belief that the day will come when the Prime Minister of Malaysia will not be Malay and Muslim. Everybody assumes that the PM will always be a Malay, especially the Malays, because it has been since 1957. But the Federal Constitution says differently. It just states that an MP who has the majority support of Dewan Rakyat will assume the power of the PM of Malaysia. Nonetheless, will the PM at that time continue to protect and uphold the Federal Constitution and its spirit just as when the country was formed and agreed upon in 1957? The religion of the Federal of Malaysia will always be Islam, the special position of Raja-Raja Melayu, the national language will always be only Bahasa Melayu and the special privileges of Bumiputras? Whenever another MP tries to change these articles even he or she is a Malay, will another Chinese, Indian or Sikh MP stands up and opposes it, regardless of his or her political party and religion? Currently, I don’t see that coming. See what happen in Penang or Selangor. Pakatan MPs and ADUNs in those states are promoting new ideology which is too different from the spirit of the Federal Constitution. Malays nowadays can’t even utter the phrase of ‘hak melayu‘. If they say so, Pakatan MPs or ADUNs will attack them as racists. But when Chinese or Indians go around and talk about their rights, no Malay calls them racists. When Teoh Beng Hock died in the custody of SPRM, DAP marched around, did candle light virgil and subtly campaigned that it happened because of Beng Hock was a Chinese. Same thing happened when A.Kugan died in the custody of Police. HINDRAF and DAP went around and subtly told people that it wouldn’t happen if Kugan wasn’t an Indian. People suddenly forgot the sin and crime that Kugan did even he was caught red-handed trying to steal a luxury car. This is a true bigotry. And, when Susilowati and other few Malays was murdered by a few Indians, nobody said anything. Either UMNO or PAS said nothing. Malays didn’t react at all. Why? Because they saw it as a pure sadistic and brutal criminal act. It could happen to anyone regardless of his or her skin color. So, I guess Najib wants to make sure that all Malaysians will only see other Malaysians as Malaysian and not Malay, Chinese, Indian, Orang Asli, Iban, Murut, Kadazan, Bajau, Sungai, Suluk and everything else. He’s promoting 1Malaysia to ensure this and at the same time upholding the spirit of the Federal Constitution. He doesn’t want our national language ends up like Singapore national language which is also Bahasa Melayu. The national anthem is also in Bahasa Melayu – Majulah Singapura. But who still speak Bahasa Melayu in Singapore? Basically, this development is good for Malaysia, however he should consider all options in realizing this sincere concept. Just to make sure it won’t lose in translation.

That was my answer. After writing this down, no wonder I felt that journey from KLIA to Langkawi took shorter than usual 🙂

Indonesian Government Should Apologize

When seven Malaysian fishermen were ‘abducted’ from Malaysia own territorial water by Indonesian officials, dozens of Indonesians staged what-I-call dumb and unreasonable demonstrations in front of Embassy of Malaysia at Jakarta, TWICE! They even threw human crap into the Embassy yard (they were holding five bags of crap but only one was thrown). Funny wasn’t it? Some Indonesians were so mad and angry with Malaysia they even brought somebody’s crap everywhere. LOL

*The August 13th incident was not the first. There were a few and mostly happened during Ramadhan especially when Eidilfitri was closing by, told a few anonymous fishermen. Why? To get some cash for that festive holidays. And most of those ‘inspections’ or ‘raids’ were done on Malaysia territorial water. Was it true? People can say a lot of things. Even some said you (Malaysians) have to bring some extra cash when you’re either arriving at or departing from Indonesian airports if you don’t want to be unnecessarily delayed by custom or immigration officers. People can say a lot of things though (Malay idiom –  kalau tak ada angin masakan pokok bergoyang – direct translation : if there’s no wind how come the tree is moving).

Anyway, from what I heard (unofficial story) :

On that hapless August 13th day, while those Malaysian were fishing along came the Indonesian maritime enforcement agency to their boat claiming that they were now in Indonesia territorial water. Because of that offense, they had to be detained. While seven of the fishermen were brought onto the Indonesian boat, Malaysian Marine Police had been informed of that incident and they were ‘that quick’ to arrive on the scene. So, from this info I’m guessing that the Malaysian fishing boat was not that far from Malaysia shoreline since the Marine is only guarding Malaysia water closer to the shoreline. Only Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency and the Navy are supposed to patrol far up to the international border.

Anyhow, three of the Indonesian enforcers were still on board of the Malaysian boat when the Indonesian maritime enforcement boat fled away after noticing the Malaysian marine was closing in. One of the Indonesian officers even already took off his uniform when the Malaysian police found them hiding inside the Malaysian fishing boat. Again, funny! They took away seven Malaysians and they left behind three of their colleagues on board of the Malaysian boat. Why were they so ‘afraid’ of the Malaysian Marine Police, if their claim was true that they were now inside the Indonesian water??? The Malaysian police doesn’t have any jurisdiction inside their water!

Three of those Indonesian officers were brought back to Malaysia local police station. Then blah blah blah… after some diplomatic moves, the seven Malaysians were released from any charges and brought home safely to Malaysia, and so did the three Indonesian stooges. The issue (was not yet a crisis until recently) was solved pragmatically by the two governments based on our brotherhood spirit (semangat serumpun). That’s how Malaysia and Indonesia do things when it comes to bilateral issues.

End of what I heard (again, from an unofficial story).

The issue was not that big until recently some paid mobs attacked the Embassy of Malaysia to Jakarta led by Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat or BENDERA (FYI these guys have so much money they even printed a lot of Malaysian flags just to be stepped on, and they even have their own new uniform). From my calculation, BENDERA took that so long of time before they went protesting in front of the embassy (August 13th till the 16th) because they need to buy some time to order a bunch of Malaysian flags and to tailor new uniforms for their 25 protesters.

These mobs had crossed the line when they climbed on the embassy wall. Basically, an embassy area is an another country’s land. That means they had once again illegally trespassed Malaysian border just like thousands of their brothers living as illegal immigrants in Malaysia. Nonetheless, the government of Indonesia did play their role to dismiss the mobs even though to me was done in shamely manner.

Despite of everything being done by the two governments, BENDERA staged another protest on August 24th and threw human crap into the embassy compound. What a mature thing to do! Taking somebody’s crap everywhere! Even the politicians, specifically the Golkar, in the Parliament questioned the government approach in handling the delicate matter. They said the government of Indonesia has no guts when facing with the mighty Malaysia. What do they want the government to do? Wage a war on Malaysia?

Nonetheless, I find that this small issue has been manipulated so smoothly by a third party which is not from either Indonesia or Malaysia. It’s from another country that does not want the relationship between Malaysia and Indonesia becoming to close. If the tie is too close likes peas and carrots (quoting Forrest Gump) then it’ll trouble for the country to effectively exist in the region of Muslims and Malays archipelago. That means all business opportunities in Indonesia will be easier for Malaysians to grab.

I guess that’s why Malaysian opposition leaders namely from DAP and PKR until now have not made any statement in regards with the issue. They also have interests and strategic ties with ‘that’ country’s leaders. So, they’re they taking a stance : just let the government of the day deal with it (we are not in power yet so you do it, we are almost Malaysians till the day we are in power).

So much for the afterglow.

*this information is from hear saying only, not from any official sources – just some food for thought

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More Lame Excuses to Get Rid of Bumiputras’ Privileges

Malaysians have progressed prosperously since its independence in 1957. A lot of colonial officers and British Members of Parliament at that time thought it would crumble to the ground in 15 years just because of our rich and diverse cultures, ethnicities and religions. They thought that we could never compromise with each other. Their prediction was almost true when dark cloud covered Kuala Lumpur on May 13th 1969.

That worst nightmare is now only left in memories and old history books. Most young Malaysians don’t even know what happened and what caused the rioting. I guess Tun Mahathir is wrong when he said Melayu mudah lupa or is he not?

Reading today’s column in Mingguan Malaysia – Alasan Ke Arah Kesamarataan makes me wonder why the hell certain quarters of Malaysians especially politicians still keep giving lame excuses to deny Bumiputras legal rights subtly. Why can’t just they think about other things that could improve our livelihood in total. I mean what every Malaysian wants. It’s more important for the elected reps to argue with local municipal councils or state departments or keratan akhbar tragedi 13 meieven with federal departments of why there are a lot of pot holes in the roads in their constituencies, why public transportations are not well effective even in KL or Baling, or why in reality there are still a lot of poor citizens in Penang even though after Lim Guan Eng announced Penang is a zero poverty state in March 2009? Even better if all politicians could urge developers and local municipal councils to more well plan their residential projects so to be well equipped with public facilities and recreational areas (not just a mere 20′ x 20′ playground area for the whole residential area of 250 houses). That would make Malaysia a better place isn’t it? Politicians in Boston manage to do that!

7% discount for Bumis in buying houses all these while has never make any towkay poor. They still own their fat


wallets, humongous villas, phat rides, pretty and slim lovers and everything else that we middle class citizens don’t. Quoting Tony Pua, by giving 7% discount to Bumis it will slow down investments in Selangor. That’s a TOTAL BULLCRAP! Selangor is a Negeri Maju and before they manage to get that status, all PKNS projects, at least, were giving 7% discount to Bumi buyers. And still Selangor is a Negeri Maju? Why all of sudden Tony gave such crap that discounted price for Bumis would make less investors come to Selangor? Who are those lousy investors? Are they coming from Singapore? Are they his friends who wanna make more profit than they ever have?

Malaysia is unique. We are different from Singapore, Indonesia, the US and even Saudi Arabia. We are blessed with vast of different ethnicities, cultures and religions. Because of that differences we have learnt to share, give and take. These qualities are the main thrusts that have made our beloved country progresses prosperously. In order to keep progressing we have to keep sharing.

7% is nothing. It won’t get anybody poorer but it will get a lot of people the chance to own houses. Even with that 7% discount, there are still a lot of Orang Asli(s) who marched to Putrajaya recently, gathered by Tony Pua’s cronies, won’t get the chance to buy better houses just because of the prices in Selangor are too ridiculously skyrocket.

So, why the government of Selangor keep proposing such stupid equality policy while we still need to practice more equitable policy in the country?