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A Must Read

A Doctor in the House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

I finally got a copy of it. Thanks to my sister who bought it first and let me read a few chapters of it.

Just reading a few chapters you can already understand of why he made such stern actions and decisions during his premiership. Although some say that he’s an ultra Malay, to me he was just fulfilling his duty as the Prime Minister for all. To ensure all Malaysians get the opportunities accordingly in this blessed country.

As a father, I could learn so much from this book. How to nurture my kids and what’s the best in upbringing them.

Besides that, it could be a great management bible as well. He also touches on how to make the best out of your subordinates.

The best part is, the real politics of Malaysia. As I always say to my friends, Malaysia is very unique. The real political situation in Malaysia is very delicate. Blessed with multiracial and religions, more than whisper could ruin everything that we have now. Those were challenges that he had to face, and now the situation is more complicated than ever.

I thank him for things that he had tried his best to achieve for us. He had made ready for us a base to become greater. All we have to now is to unite, and make the best for Malaysia and our children.



Are we Not 1Malaysia?

I got stranded at KLIA after my flight to Langkawi which scheduled at 3.00pm was canceled due to some aircraft failure or something. At least that what the MAS officer in charge told me.  I finally got to aboard another flight at 6.00pm. I spent almost 4 hours at KLIA today. The longest, so far! Anyway, thanks to MAS for providing a lunch voucher worth RM20.

Coincidently, another colleague of mine was boarding the same flight at 6.00pm. So, at least I had somebody to chat with during the final hour before boarding the flight, and of course during the journey because he was sitting next to me. What’s the odd?!

During that lengthy conversation, he suddenly popped up a question which to me a very ‘brain breaking’ question. “What do you think about Dato’ Sri Najib‘s current policy?”. I supposed “What a nice weather today” wasn’t one of his favorite question. LOL 😀

I paused… I needed a damn good answer, at least to tell him that I do read the newspaper which I seldomly do. * giggle*

I guess Dato’ Sri Najib is trying to embed a real Malaysia idealism in every Malaysians’ hearts and souls. Mahathir did mention in his Malay Dilemma that the shallow and surface relationship between Malay, Chinese and Indian during the early days of independence was among the big factors of May 13th Tragedy. Najib’s trying to foster the real relationship between ethnics who are too diverse in background. I belief that the day will come when the Prime Minister of Malaysia will not be Malay and Muslim. Everybody assumes that the PM will always be a Malay, especially the Malays, because it has been since 1957. But the Federal Constitution says differently. It just states that an MP who has the majority support of Dewan Rakyat will assume the power of the PM of Malaysia. Nonetheless, will the PM at that time continue to protect and uphold the Federal Constitution and its spirit just as when the country was formed and agreed upon in 1957? The religion of the Federal of Malaysia will always be Islam, the special position of Raja-Raja Melayu, the national language will always be only Bahasa Melayu and the special privileges of Bumiputras? Whenever another MP tries to change these articles even he or she is a Malay, will another Chinese, Indian or Sikh MP stands up and opposes it, regardless of his or her political party and religion? Currently, I don’t see that coming. See what happen in Penang or Selangor. Pakatan MPs and ADUNs in those states are promoting new ideology which is too different from the spirit of the Federal Constitution. Malays nowadays can’t even utter the phrase of ‘hak melayu‘. If they say so, Pakatan MPs or ADUNs will attack them as racists. But when Chinese or Indians go around and talk about their rights, no Malay calls them racists. When Teoh Beng Hock died in the custody of SPRM, DAP marched around, did candle light virgil and subtly campaigned that it happened because of Beng Hock was a Chinese. Same thing happened when A.Kugan died in the custody of Police. HINDRAF and DAP went around and subtly told people that it wouldn’t happen if Kugan wasn’t an Indian. People suddenly forgot the sin and crime that Kugan did even he was caught red-handed trying to steal a luxury car. This is a true bigotry. And, when Susilowati and other few Malays was murdered by a few Indians, nobody said anything. Either UMNO or PAS said nothing. Malays didn’t react at all. Why? Because they saw it as a pure sadistic and brutal criminal act. It could happen to anyone regardless of his or her skin color. So, I guess Najib wants to make sure that all Malaysians will only see other Malaysians as Malaysian and not Malay, Chinese, Indian, Orang Asli, Iban, Murut, Kadazan, Bajau, Sungai, Suluk and everything else. He’s promoting 1Malaysia to ensure this and at the same time upholding the spirit of the Federal Constitution. He doesn’t want our national language ends up like Singapore national language which is also Bahasa Melayu. The national anthem is also in Bahasa Melayu – Majulah Singapura. But who still speak Bahasa Melayu in Singapore? Basically, this development is good for Malaysia, however he should consider all options in realizing this sincere concept. Just to make sure it won’t lose in translation.

That was my answer. After writing this down, no wonder I felt that journey from KLIA to Langkawi took shorter than usual 🙂