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Beyond Frustration

will I finally get to kiss the Cup?

When your team lost to an easy team with FOUR goals, it’s not a good story to tell. Obviously, how can you go to work on Monday when you already know that everybody gonna mock you up. Damn it Argentines! This year supposed to be your year but you just did it.

The attacking was good (not BEST since no goal at all). But they did the same mistake that England did when face Germany. Unorganized Defense!!! It was too obviously. Duh?! Germany is a simple tactical and very disciplined team. The exact tactics and plays though. You can see in every single game they play the same tactics and the same moves. Can’t you even anticipate that? Don’t you have the so called opponent-video-reviewing session? Halamak frustnye

Most probably Argentines’ attackers are so skilled, they played almost the similar way as Brazilians did in 2006. Sigh. Everybody knows that it won’t work (my heart is still pumping hard – sakit hati). They had a few good chances but just couldn’t seal the deal. Tapi itulah kepakaran Jerman, selesaikan setiap peluang yang ada. If I’m not mistaken, they just missed two open shots, one was Klose and the other one ermm… hah who cares!

Well, Germany still has to deal with the Spaniards though deep in my heart I know that they can manage it, easily (damn it). So the only hope is now on Belanda. Harap-harap kali ni depa akan dapat juga cium World Cup tu. If the Oranje wins the title, I’ll wear an orange shirt to work the day after. A bright one!

my only hope


Overrated Portuguese

Obviously, at time like this the only channel MUST WATCH is Astro 805 – Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) vs. Portugal. Most people expect the Portuguese can easily wallop Ivory Coast but boohoo even without Drogba in the first team, Deco, Ronaldo, Carvalho, Ferriera and the gang still cannot score any goal. The game ended scoreless. Praise to the Ivorians for their impressive performance. The only thing that they missed is to score A GOAL, at least. Here are some stats ( about that match. I’m hoping that the North Koreans could do the same thing with the Brazilians afterwards. Some people said – cukup cukup lah tu

Ivory Coast


9(2) Shots (on Goal) 7(1)
17 Fouls 14
6 Corner Kicks 4
2 Offsides 1
45% Time of Possession 55%
2 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
1 Saves 2

Tapi tadi while waiting for the game, I was browsing my old collection of mp3s. Aik 4U2C? Yup, but that was while in sekolah menengah. It’s been a while. Sesekali best jugak. All the memories flashed back. Silly moves and pick up lines to get girls. Very very very embarrassing to think ’em back. But kids will always be kids. No joke!
Anyhow, look where is AC Mizal now? AC Di Mana? AC Di Sini! He’s so successful and even has his own show. To me he’s very talented artist. He can host a program, make you LOL, jual gelang, sing (duh!) and his wife is goddamn beautiful.

Guess people change and so do we… KAN KAN!!!
Get back to the songs collection. Wah Man Bai – Sebenarnya… I really love this song especially the guitar part!!! and the wording as well. I first heard it when a friend of mine showed this one video recorded at a Malaysian Night or somethin’ at RPI at Albany (if not mistaken). Those Malaysian students performed it. I tried to look for the video, alamak it must be in my old hard disk. So lazy to go and get it. Anyway, I managed to get this from the wonders of the internet :-
Even he now has become ‘Tun Hussein Onn‘ in 1957:Hati Malaya. Mantaplah lu Man Bai!!!
Talking about movie, remember Almost Famous? Kate Hudson? That’s in my ALL TIME FAVORITE movies. Two thumbs up. Other than hot sexy Kate, the song Tiny Dancer by Elton John really moves me. Nothing more to say but enjoy the video clip and if you are a rock n roll hunk, definitely you wanna watch it again (this movie reminds me the good old time in the States).
all credits go to Google Search, ESPN Soccernet, Youtube, and all those who have shared some of their wonderful photos thru the net which I’ve reposted here. Terima kasih